Hot! Subway Surfers Cheats: Tips & Tricks for an Endless Run (Android)

Subway Surfers has finally made its way to Android devices and I am here to share with you some Subway Surfers cheats – mostly tips and tricks for a better run and for improving your strategy because all the cheats that were available on the iPhone version of the game no longer work here, unfortunately.

But it doesn’t matter much because with a good and solid strategy you can get a very long run in a game very fast. And hopefully this is what you will get here after reading these Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks for an Endless Run… on your Android device!

1. Probably the best thing here is to know that it’s not always game over when you hit an obstacle and only when you directly smash into them (like into a train), your life will be finished. So don’t be too worried if you hit a board every now and then, it will just bring the guard closer, but soon you’ll lose him!

2. Jumping is the actual art that you have to practice and master because the good jumps can make the difference between a continued run and a “game over”: especially when dealing with the jumps from one train to another. There’s not much I can say here, just make sure you time the jumps right and you’ll be fine!

3. Learn the power-ups in the game and what they do. Here is the list that will probably help you:

Jetpack: Gives you flying ability over all the trains and obstacles and you can still get a bunch of coins in the process.

Super Sneakers: These make you run a lot faster and the guard will be waaay behind.

Coin Magnet
: While active, this magnet collects all the coins around you.

2X Multiplier: This will double your score while it is active.

4. Invest in hoverboards if you have the coins because they protect you from crashing for 30 seconds – which is quite a lot in the game, actually!

5. Actually, I think that the Hoverboards are the only one time use items that are worth purchasing. Except for that, the others are not really worth the investment and you should instead focus on getting the power-ups better, especially the Jetpack which is by far a favorite.

6. Don’t waste hoverboards! They might be useful, but try to keep them for when things get really complicated during the later stages on the game when everything moves faster and is more crowded.

7. Complete the missions: you have sets of missions available for you which give you some nice rewards and usually they are pretty easy to complete, because you can do them in more than one run.

8. Get all the free coins: you can get a ton of free coins for almost nothing: watching a video, liking the game on Facebook and sharing it with friends, all these give you some extra coins that will help you overall with the game. It’s best to unlock them as early as possible to take advantage of the bonuses they bring (aka invest them in power-ups) early on.

9. Cheat by buying coin packs: eventually, if you can’t get enough coins during your runs, you can always spend some real money to get them and unlock new characters and bonuses. But really, you should not hurry and have all of these things unlocked in time.

And these would be the Subway Surfers Android tips and tricks I have to share with you. Anything to add? Comment in the section below and let everybody know!


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    I went very deep on Subway Surfers and am among the top 500 on the Apple Game Center now. I decided to share my tips to help more players to reach higher positions, so these are some things you will want to do before and while running and some information that will lead you to victory:

    AVOID SUPER SNEAKERS – As Anna said before, they are the worst power-up available and will eventually kill your character if things go a little wrong. If you calculate distance and height wrong, the Super Sneakers will make you smash your face against a train.

    DON’T MISS THE JETPACKS – Besides offering you an opportunity to gather lots of coins and going faster than when you’re on the ground (don’t take my word on this one), the Jetpack takes you to high altitude, so nothing will kill you while you are up there.

    EACH COIN IS WORTH 60 POINTS – You read it right. Every coin you gather is worth 60 points at the end of the game. Say you have 6,000 coins at the end of the game. These coins are worth 360,000 points at the end of the run and that is… a lot. Basically, the difference between the record and almost record. That information might sound useless, but it can give you the control of your in-game situation. You can calculate the amount of coins and points you will need to have at the end of the game to break your record.

    STAY ATOP OF THE TRAINS – The safest thing you can do when you don’t have a jetpack with you is to stay atop of the trains as long as you can. Only touch the ground when that was the only option. Nothing will kill you when you are atop the trains or flying with the jetpack.

    DON’T WASTE HOVERBOARDS – They are not just cool little skateboards you can use when you are bored of running with sneakers. Use them when you are about to die only. Sometimes you will face the situation when you are running on the left row, there is a train passing next to you on the central row and another one is coming right toward you. You will ask God why you used that last hoverboard available when there was no real danger.

    FORGET THE GUARD AND HIS STUPID DOG – They won’t get you unless you smash directly against a train or bump into obstacles two times in a row. Some people will tell you to use Super Sneakers because they can make you slightly faster and leave the guard eating your dust, which is false, because the Super Sneakers will only make you jump higher. They will also tell you to follow the hardest path, because then you will “confuse the guard and his dog” and they won’t get you.
    Bottom line, the game won’t be over until you crash, don’t matter how fast you are running.

    DON’T BUY TOO MANY HOVERBOARDS (UNLESS YOU HAVE SPECIAL ONES) – Except for special hoverboards, the ones who make you run faster, jump higher, blah, blah, blah… hoverboards are only cool when you can do something with it. As I said up there, use it to survive difficult times and imminent-death cases. If you only have useless “good-looking” boards, the maximum amount of hoverboards you will need is around 5. And they will last like 10 runs, if well-used.

    DON’T DO CRAZY MANEUVERS – C’mon. You can’t tell if a player jumped over a tunnel by looking at his/her score. The only thing that matters at the end of the game, really, is how many coins you gathered and how many points you made. So, until you break your record, don’t try to jump over a tunnel or make silly maneuvers next to moving trains because you will be risking your character’s life for something you won’t receive a prize for.
    Do “amazing” tricks after you broke your old record, or your friend’s one.

    DON’T RISK YOUR CHARACTER’S LIFE FOR SOME COINS – Sometimes there will be a coin that you won’t be able to get because a train is coming and if you try to catch it, the train will kick you off the game. It’s okay losing a few coins.

    DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY – This is one of the most serious tips and involves going against what the game creators want you to do. They want you to buy, buy, buy, buy and buy lots of stuff. That includes:

    - “Cool” hoverboards: the ones who do nothing special;
    - Brand new characters that do nothing special;
    - Headstarts: they are too expensive for the distance they cover;
    - Mistery boxes: these things can be gathered while you run. Do not buy them;

    The question you must ask before playing Subway Surfers is “what do I want to be”? A normal player that has a hundred of different hoverboards and characters just because they look pretty? Or a player that spends money to improve the game play and beat records?

    These tips can make you go farther, but the greatest job depends on your ability and lots, lots of weeks of run.

    Good luck!

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