For those who enjoy playing the brawler type game Smash Champs, you'll be happy to know that the game's developer Kiloo Games has pushed out the first update for the game. There are two new improvements that comes with the update, the first improvement comes with the training ball sequences. This will improve your reflexes [...]

Android Game News Smash-Champs-Android-Update-1

Smash Champs get new update

The creators of Shadowrun Returns, Harebrained Schemes have announced that they will be releasing a sequel titled Shadowrun: Dragonfall, which will come out next week. Shadowrun: Dragonfall has been out on for PC for a few months, and Harebrained Schemes were happy to announced that Android and iOS users will be having a chance to [...]

Android Game News Shadowrun-Dragonfall-Android-Game

Shadowrun: Dragonfall, sequel to Shadowrun Returns comes out next week

Amazon is going to be offering people $130 worth of free games and apps. There is a decent amount of apps and games for you to grab for....nothing. So if you head on over to the Amazon AppStore you will see that there are some games that are free, games such as Angry Birds Seasons, [...]

Android Game News amazon-android-appstore

Amazon to give $130 worth of FREE Apps and Games today

One of the biggest holiday sale is expected to hit the Android today. Many game developers such as Activision and Tin Man Games have put their games that are being discounted for today and tomorrow. So without any further a do here is long list of games that are on sale as of right now. [...]

Android Game News Sales

Android Game Sales from Activision, Tin Man Games, and more

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle to land on our doorsteps is the Humble Crescent Moon Games Mobile Bundle. Aptly, the bundle will feature 10 games from renown mobile games developer Crescent Moon. Anyway, let me introduce the games this time around. The pay-what-you-want games are: Space Chicks (Debut!) 2-Bit Cowboy (Debut!) Neon Shadow Ravensword: Shadowlands If [...]

Android Game News

New Humble Mobile Bundle Features 10 Great Games by Developer Crescent Moon

Mobile developer Crescent Moon Games has been on a roll, and its just Tuesday. Well if you missed yesterdays news, there was a new Mobile Humble Bundle that became available from Crescent Moon Games. But today the company has just released their latest project a challenging 3D puzzle game that will test your problem solving [...]

Android Game News Twisty-Planets-Game

Crescent Moon Games releases Twisty Planets onto Google Play Store

If you enjoy playing third-person shooters, you'll be happy to know that a new game is heading onto the Android in the near future, the game is titled Hordemasters. The game's visuals has a cel-shaded look to it, if you have played or are familiar with the game Boarderlands, the game does not stray to [...]

Android Game News Hordemasters-Android-Game

Borderlands-like game Hordemasters coming to Android

Mobile game developer Nitrome is known for such titles such as Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, and Endless Doves, we know that they will be releasing their next project, which will be an arcade platformer titled Gunbrick. The game will feature plenty of good old action, puzzle solving and of course platforming, player will get to [...]

Android Game News Gunbrick-Android-Game

Nitrome’s next project titled Gunbrick

Waiting for a robot combat game to hit the Google Play Store? Well you may have to wait until December, because Reliance Games have announced that a new robot combat game will be coming out, titled Ultimate Robot Fighting. The game is set in the future, where robot AI's have, taken out human controllers from [...]

Android Game News Ultimate-Robot-Fighting-Android-Game

Reliance Games announces latest project, Ultimate Robot Fighting

If you are not familiar with the beautiful puzzler, then head on over the Google Play Store and download the game right away. But if you have downloaded the game, and in case you haven't heard the news, UsTwo Games have been hard at work to deliver some new levels for Monument Valley. If you [...]

Android Game News Monument-Valley-Game-1

[UPDATE] Monument Valley with New Levels

The employees at TellTale Games have been keeping news about the Game of Thrones on the down low. But today the company has finally released new details on what gamers can expect. The game is expected to take place after the end of season 3 and just before the beginning of season 5. Players will [...]

Android Game News Game-of-Thrones-mobile-game-1

TellTale’s releases new details of upcoming Game of Thrones

Question who known as the lethal protector and is one of Spider-Man's biggest enemies? If you guessed Venom, congrats gold star for you. And speaking of Venom he will be making his way, along with his is very own pinball table onto Zen Pinball next month. The new Venom pinball table will feature Eddie Brock [...]

Android Game News Venom-Zen-Pinball-Android

Venom to be swinging onto Zen Pinball next month