The Walking Dead: Season One now available for Android

Walking Dead fans the long wait is over, Telltale Games have finally brought over their point-and-click adventure series The Walking Dead: Season One onto Android devices… Now in case you are not familiar with the series, The Walking Dead video game is based off the hit TV show [...]

4 Pics 1 Word Review & Answers Walkthrough To All Levels

4 Pics 1 Word is not a new game on the Google Play Store, in fact the game came out a little over a year ago. And I still remember the buzz that this game created when it was first released. As some of the puzzles are quite challenging, [...]

Pou Review

If you are like me you probably love pets. I have had almost every pet from a Hamster to Dog, but I never had a space pet like Pou. Now just like any other pet, Pou gets sleepy, hungry, needs to be bathed, and of course may need [...]

Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery HD Review

Just like endless runners, that have swarmed into the Google Play Store, hidden object games, are slowly but surely, starting to make their mark. And Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery HD is one of those games. Now you may be thinking that “this is just another hidden object game”, [...]

Subway Surfers Review

Since playing Subway Surfers almost 2 years ago, it is a game that I still have on my Android device, and yes, to this day I still play Subway Surfers, and people I know, believe it or not , still play this game. So after almost two years, [...]