Zombie Invasion: T-Virus Walkthrough (Complete Text Walkthrough)

I am a huge fan of the zombies genre and it was yesterday when a friend of mine sent me a link to Zombie Invasion: T-Virus, an insanely popular and high quality adventure game available on Android and trending for quite a while now. I am here to share with you a Zombie Invasion: T-Virus walkthrough, as I couldn’t do anything else but complete the game – a walkthrough that will hopefully help you beat this amazing game without any problems!

So let’s check out below the Zombie Invasion: T-Virus walkthrough (download the game here, it’s amazing) and let’s have fun doing it!

zombie invasion t virus

1. Tap the stairs to go to Floor 2. Get the bat and enter room 2.

2. Get the umbrella and tap thee mirror to see some numbers (77-9-63).

3. Go back and use the bat to knock down the zombie. Tap the zombie to get a key. Also, get a blue piece from the top of the stove and a piece of paper from one of the beer bottles to the right.

4. Go back three times and use the key on the door #3. Tap the man twice to talk to him and he will give you a key.

5. GO back and then down the stairs and use the key with the red box on the wall. Get the first aid kit and axe.

6. Go back up and enter room #3. Use the axe to kill the zombie and zoom in on the corpse, then take the gun.

7. Go right and get the brown piece on the table. Also tap the top of the box and take the bullets. Also take the piece of paper under the bullets. In your inventory, drag the bullets in the gun to load it.

8. Go back twice and up the stairs. Use the loaded gun to kill the zombies. Enter room 5 and tap the crates in front. Get a green piece from the floor.

9. Go back and tap the door. Enter and get assault rifle, yellow piece and knife from a zombie’s head. You should also notice the numbers above the sink (972, 875, 788, 710, 639….)

10. Go back three times and tap the electric box. In your inventory we have to solution for it: the piece of paper shows how to place the items we collected. So put the brown piece at the top, yellow one to the left, blue in the middle and green to the right.

11. Go up to floor 5 and tap the crates – get a cutter. Now go back to floor 1 and use the cutters with the lock on the metal door. Enter the room and tap the machine on the table, then plug it in. Use the piece of paper on the plugged in machine and go back – you will see the numbers 44 28. Also take the two shotgun shells near the head of the dead zombie.

12. Go to floor 4. Tap the lock and enter the combination (4428). Enter and use the rifle to shoot down all the zombies. Tap the zombies and take the crowbar. Zoom in to the green zombie and take a blue vial from the zombie’s hands. Also use the knife on its finger to get it. Go right and use the cutters on the bars and get flashlight using the umbrella.

13. Go back and zoom in on the briefcase on the table. Here we need the code from the numbers in a previous room (972, 875, 788, 710, 639….) The pattern here is that, in order to get the following number, you need to subtract the first two numbers from the previous one (972 – 97 is 875. 875 minus 87 is 788 and so on). So we need 639 – 63 which is 576. Get the crossbow.

14. Go up one level and use the crowbar on the crate, then get an arrow. Go all the way to floor 1 and zoom in on the wooden boards under the stairs. Use the crowbar to remove them and use the flashlight to look inside. Get the shotgun and load it with the shells in your inventory. You can also load up the crossbow with the arrow now.

15. Go up one level and enter the door to the right, then the white door to the left. Use the flashlight to reveal a zombie and then use the shotgun to kill it. Tap the levers on the wall and change the numbers to match the ones on the mirror (77-9-63). Get the green vial and the card with code (3064).

16. Go back to the floor 1 and enter the room, then zoom in to the red box. Use the code 3064 as numbers and the symbols above should be changed to: triangle (3), circle (zero), hexagon (6) and square (4). Get card and the red vial.

17. Go up to the last floor and tap the door. Use the finger on the print thingie and the card in the slot for the card. Enter the room and get the huge syringe.

18. Go all the way down to Floor 1 and enter the room. Now the zombie is up and you can use the crossbow (finally) to shoot it down. Tap the zombie and use the syringe with it.

19. Again, go all the way up to the last floor and use the blood sample with the microscope. Tap the top of the microscope and you will see the order of colors: red, light blue, yellow, dark blue.

20. Go back twice and tap the vial thingie to the right, on the table. Put the vials in the slots in any order, then change the colors to match the ones we just saw, and the letters to LPRZ. Go back and tap the resulting vial, and you’re free to go!

And this is it, this was the walkthrough for the amazing Zombie Invasion: T-Virus. And all we can do is to eagerly anticipate the sequel, Zombie Invasion: Escape!

Update: And the sequel has been launched and we have a Zombie Invasion: Escape walkthrough posted on the site, make sure to check it out too!

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  • saniya June 14, 2014, 1:22 AM

    I am trying to kill the zombie with the crossbow but still alive! Help

  • DG March 30, 2014, 11:12 PM

    The letter LPRZ are found in the room that is padlocked on the forth floor i think just go up as if u are looking at the case on the table tap the bottom bulb on the right side should fall out go to the room with the crates and zombie hands sticking out there is an odd colored crate take the crowbar open that up grab the blue fluorescent bulb go back upstairs and just put the bulb in letters should appear.

  • Ghost recox November 4, 2013, 5:22 PM

    Men i dont know to do the thingie men thats really hard can anyone Help Me please

  • Ghost recox November 4, 2013, 3:17 PM

    I dont understand the door with card slot and finger print thingie any HELP

  • Geeta September 16, 2013, 10:39 PM

    Hitting the lights with crowbar makes one of tubelights fall but no clue …how do you figure LPRZ???

  • legendl2008 August 21, 2013, 3:58 PM

    Take the white stick up to the room with all the dead zombies and to the left where the opened box is and start tapping near the lights

  • khaled June 30, 2013, 11:42 AM

    Cut the zombie finger in the room where it was chained “dont open dead inside” . Zombie wearing the bio-suite.

  • Caribe Crystal Avina May 25, 2013, 4:02 PM

    I don’t get the part when you use the card to open the door…what do you do with the finger print thingy??I’m stuck….any help??:)

  • christian May 16, 2013, 4:48 AM

    Howd u figure out the LPRZ THING?

  • niq May 3, 2013, 10:38 AM

    Thanks!! Very short but interesting 🙂