Zombie Invasion: Escape Walkthrough (Complete Text Walkthrough)

After finding the way to exit in Zombie Invasion: T-Virus, we are now challenged to a new adventure in Zombie Invasion: Escape, one that’s extremely difficult to complete, but still fun. I am here to share with you a complete Zombie Invasion: Escape walkthrough to help you progress through the game and complete it without any problems, in case you need help. And you probably will, because this is an insanely difficult game!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the complete Zombie Invasion: Escape walkthrough below. There’s a lot of zombies waiting for us!

zombie invasion escape

1. Tap the shelf and get a hammer. Tap the chair on the left and get an empty gun. Tap the trash can and tap the can again to get a clue about the button. Use the hammer on the wall where there’s a different color and get the piece of paper.

2. Go back and use the hammer with the zombie. Tap on it to get a key, then use the key with the right white door (not the one behind the zombie).

3. In the new room, tap the table to see the number (56382272). Tap the night stand to get the cork. Tap the left arrow and tap the safe above the zombie. Hold the button for 10 seconds (until the door opens). We still need more for this, and we’ll be back soon!

4. Open the door and enter the new room. Tap the red tool box and use the paper code to open (left green button: tap 3 times, next one tap twice, next one once and right button tap 3 times). Get the handle from the box.

5. Go back three times and use the door handle with the white door to the left. Enter the room and tap the shelves to the right. There is a box where you have to complete an easy puzzle. After you do, get the bullets and the butterfly.

6. Select the hammer in your inventory and use it on the brick wall to the left (Tap three times). Enter the whole and ignore the zombie. Get a handle from the left shelves.

7. Go back twice and tap the right arrow. Tap the white chair and use the thing you got from the zombie room to open the screws. Use the bullets with the gun, then tap the chair to remove it and enter the room. Shoot the zombie. Get stairs from wet room warning sign and coin from the base of the mop. Also tap the upper side of the shelves and get another butterfly.

8. Go back three times and enter the right door. Tap the butterfly over the fire and use the two butterflies to put them into position. Take the weapon. Go back and use the ladder with the bookcase and get the lantern from the top.

9. Go all the way to the brick wall where there’s a zombie in the shadow and use the lantern with the zombie, then the weapon. Take a coin from the zombie and from the shelves above, take screwdriver and yellow key.

10. Go back and tap the table. Use the key to open the black box on the table and get the gun and ammo. Load the gun.

11. Go back all the way to the fire room and pick up the ladder. Go right to the tools room and place the ladder under the air duct. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws and enter the hole. Use the lantern on the zombie and shoot it. Pick up a coin from their body and the thing near it (it’s a laser pointer).

12. Go back to the start phone and tap on the phone. Place in all the coins and type the number (56382272). We get a piece of paper saying 23 = 11 = 86.

13. Go back to wall where you made a hole through the bricks and use the flashlight. Tap the right wall and enter the numbers we got from the phone by sliding up and down the levers. Get the shotgun and key.

14. Go back three times, then right and use the key on the lock. Tap to remove it and enter that area, then shoot the zombie with the shotgun. Tap it to get the piece of paper (xx = 20, y = 60)

15. Go to the fireplace room and tap the painting to remove it. Tap the safe to zoom in. Use the laser pointer on the piece of paper and you will see 30RyLxxR10L. After adding the numbers from the zombie, we get the code so let’s open the safe! It’s really tricky since you can easily pass the numbers. Stop the pin to 30 Right, 60 Left, 20 Right and 10 Left. (tap and hold the right side until you get to 30, then tap and hold the left side until you reach 60 and so on – I needed a few tries to get it right). Pick up the blacklight from the safe.

16. Go back to the starting room and zoom in on the radio. Use the screwdriver with it, then the gray tool to get the left band. Use it with the tool you used to get it.

17. Go back to the room where a white chair was in front of a door and tap the ground where the chair was. Use the tool with the holes to get batteries. Use them with the blacklight. Go left and use the blacklight with the gun case to get the number 71.

18. Go back to the tools room and get the ladder. Place it near the bookcase and use the blacklight at the top to see the number 24. Go back and left and zoom in to the cabinet near the door. Use the code (7124) with the box and get the thing inside. Use it with the cork and you will see a code.

19. Go back and tap the safe that we opened earlier by holding the finger there for 10 seconds. Use the blacklight on the numbers to see the colors, then using the piece of paper, type the code: 9916660 and get the key.

20. Go back to the main entrance and use the key on the look to exit.

And this is it! We have completed together the Zombie Invasion: Escape walkthrough and I am sure you had a great time playing this amazing game. If you want to stay up to date with other walkthroughs as well as Android game news, like us on Facebook!

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  • Michelle May 1, 2014, 12:56 PM

    I Please, I need help on step number 19. I have tried to hold my finger on the safe for 10 seconds and it is not closing. is there a trick on where you’re supposed to hold your finger. if you can help, I would appreciate it thank you. 🙂