Hot! Zombie Frontier Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Zombie Frontier is a great zombie killing game for Android (as you saw in our Zombie Frontier review) and I am here to share with you a set of tips & tricks to help you get better at the game and kill as many zombies as possible without losing your own life. There are no actual cheats for Zombie Frontier, but for many beginner players these tips & tricks are valuable enough to keep them going and getting more from the game.

So let’s carry on reading this Zombie Frontier Cheats: Tips & Tricks article and hopefully improve our gaming strategy!

Don’t invest too much (read: don’t do it!) in upgrading your first pistol. When you reach the third level, you will get a pistol that is already much better and you should focus on upgrading it instead since it will be your companion for quite a while (level 3 and level 4 at least)

Don’t use the 3 grenades too fast. Buying grenades costs you premium currency, so you want to keep the free ones until they are really needed.

Don’t use the medkits unless really needed. They also cost real money and should be kept for those difficult boss battles.

Speaking of bosses – don’t try to attack them until you have enough play experience and are very confident that you can handle many waves and an added challenge. These are really difficult fights and you’d only end up wasting ammo and dying unless you are 100% prepared.

It is more difficult, but make it a habit to aim for the zombies’ heads, otherwise you will soon find yourself surrounded. A good idea is to aim for the head of the first zombie and keep shooting until all those behind him are dead, even though this usually means that others will get closer.

Especially early on, don’t ignore your pistol: use it as much as possible and only switch to the machine gun after the Alarm message appears, announcing a big wave of zombies. You will save some money this way because the ammo for the pistol is cheaper than that for the machine gun.

Try to use pistols and combine the weapons for easier missions to speed up the cool down process of the guns – the higher the value, the more inaccurate the gun is.

Learn your enemies – try to remember how many shots are required for each type of zombie and try not to waste bullets, because you need the money!

Reload during “dead” times, when there are no enemies on screen – this way you avoid a reload when a big wave is coming.

Finally, don’t forget about the achievements page: claim your rewards from there as soon as you unlock them for some extra coins and bonuses!

What other tips and tricks do you have to share with you fellow Zombie Frontier players? Let us know in the comment section below!


  1. is very good

  2. Do you know how many levels are un zombie frontier??? I am in level el 26 and I can’t see the end

  3. i am level 28 and have finished all acheivements and have over 8 million dollars. is there anything else to gain?

  4. I like it Im on level 7

  5. Idk how to reload. I’m a noob at dis game.

  6. I be new at dis game. How do u change guns when u playin

  7. To change gun press the blue screen button on the left of the screen, the one that you use to change direction of the gun

  8. Hey mass pk. I know wat u mean about all the levels. Im like on level 33 with over 19 million dollars, and nearly 3000 gold coins. It crazy. It just goes on and on with no end in site. Ive looked everywhere trying to find out how many levels there are, but no joy. Its a great game but when you have all the guns, full armour and every thing else it gets very tedious. I loved it at first, but now cant wait finish it.

  9. how many levels are there?

    has anybody actually finished and beat the game? I’m on level 22 and maxed out all the guns with all achievements unlocked. don’t wanna keep playing the game if there is no end. how far of a level did you guys get? so far I’ve seen level 33 as the highest level and it seems like it will never end! perhaps an email to tapjoy or the devs of the game to get a definitive answer.

  10. how u reload?

  11. I only use pistol full upgrade and m16 full dont waste money to buy Gold hehe

  12. Let ma
    e play the game

  13. Faz a tradução pra mim

  14. How to get an S at the end of the game instead of an A???

  15. TIP: Your mercenary is like having 2 guns firing at one time. Train your eye to attack ONLY the RED flashing zombie-that your Merc AI is firing at. This way youre dealing 2x damage against the enemy. -Hope that helps someone.

  16. I apologize for this extensive not but you must read. I am on level 55 and the game doesn’t quit. I have all weapons, upgrades and over $50,000,000. It sucks because I make money and I am unable to spend it. I didn’t even invest a single cent in this game. And I did this all in about 2 weeks. I probably could have done this in 48 hours. Yes, there is a REAL HACK. You must manipulate your clock to 11:59/23:59 and wait until 12am. Yes it takes time, but you can do so much after doing this and taking advantage of the free spins. Now in the spins, forget that $50,000 dollar spin because it means nothing. You’re spinning until you have around 200 to 350 gold coins and a free collection of helping icons and grenades. Now, play the game only 3 times once you’re on a day 5. Day 5 repeats and repeats, so if you have not collected enough, no worries. Close ZF2, re-open and spin, spin and spin, then close and reopen. TIP: you know those little bonus rewards every time you play, not too important. And as long as you climb levels, you’ll get it on the first session, both. I play sessions that require me now to kill almost 900 or I have to play a 6 minute session. That is getting kind of boring which is something you may want to consider. Play the game 3 times on a Day 5 because you also get 4x money, experience, then close it and restart. Make sure you by all 5 icon helpers and have them in on every game, but only play 3 times. HAHAHA! And finally, it gets so easy, get the first automatic aimer and play with it. But you’ll want the last automatic aimer on the list. Keep it all upgraded. Buy the last helping dude because if he is upgraded completely, you get a 100% extra, along with 4x and double with an icon helper. I think you’ll learn more on your own from this point and good luck but you really don’t need it. They need a ZF3. If your cool and appreciate this memo, copy paste it every time you read this. This will eliminate any more questions. Thank you and you go killa!

  17. WOW ERIC! This really works. I thought this was not true but it is. They might try to fix that if ZF2 hears.

  18. is the cheat in ZF2 true or fake thanks im lvl 13 :)

  19. Hi guys I m on lvl 61 with all upgrades and lots of cash its never ending and getting boring

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