Zombie Derby Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Survive

Earlier today we told you about Zombie Derby, an interesting game where driving, survival and zombies are mixed together for great results. However, things are not at all simple and you might need some time to work out everything, try and see what works best (and what doesn’t), and I have decided to come to your aid and help you with a set of Zombie Derby cheats: some tips and tricks to help you survive and reach the end line with your car intact.

So if you simply can’t seem to make it or if you just need a bit of help in creating a strategy, check out our Zombie Derby tips & tricks below and you’ll certainly be on the right track!

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1. Save your fuel!
Keep an eye on the track and make sure to take your finger off the gas pedal every time the car is in air, otherwise you will waste fuel and run out of it before reaching the finish line. Learn your track since there are other places where you can save fuel, like when going down hills.

2. Shoot only when you have to
The small, thin zombies will not slow your car down, while boxes can’t be shot (among other things). Big zombies, explosive barrels and other similar obstacles should be shot down in order to help you keep going. However, since ammo is limited, only shoot when you have to (barrels should be a priority, as well as big groups of zombies).

3. Always buy a new car at a new level
The game is made in such a way that you have to upgrade to a new car each level because there’s a point where the one you currently own will fail. So make sure to save money and buy that car as soon as possible.

4. The order of upgrades is extremely important
Don’t get that machine gun first, because you won’t be able to drive enough to use it! In my opinion, the first thing you should upgrade is your fuel tank and maximize it as soon as possible. Continue with the wheels, the engine and only then the machine gun and nitro boost.

5. Use the nitro to reduce fuel consumption
Even if you run out of fuel, you can still use the nitro to move forward and you can only reach the end if you use them both at the right time and the right way. This means that you should never use them both at the same time and never use the nitro while in the air. A good idea is to use nitro when you get close to top of hills to give you a speed boost and a longer flight time.

6. Keep driving!
You need to learn the tracks as they become more and more difficult as you go through the levels and only when you perfectly now a “track” you will know where to use the nitro, where to shoot, where to take it slow. So take your time and keep driving! Eventually you will master all the tracks!

And this would be it! These are our Zombie Derby cheats: tips and tricks to keep you going. Let us know if there’s anything else by commenting below.

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