YouTube with new app to minimize mobile data usage

YouTube Go is a brand new app from Google with the premise that the user should consume as little cellular data as possible.

First and foremost the app an offline mode so you can download videos when you have the opportunity and watch them whenever you want. Another nifty option is a sneak preview of the videos are available in the form of a GIF animations so you do not have to waste your precious megabytes videos.

Google highlights two other smart features with YouTube Go. The user can see how big the video file is based on the resolution. If you go down a level, it’s probably some megabytes to save. In addition, you can share videos with others directly over Bluetooth. This can be neat if a mate has a video to watch, but does not have more mobile data left.

The boring news is that YouTube Go initially available only in India for now, but Google reveals that they plan further deployment of the application. Check back in to AndroidEntity for news on when it’s released globally!

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