Will Angry Birds Star Wars be a hit?

With the recently released teaser of a merge between Angry Birds and Star Wars, one has to wonder. Is this a match destined for success, or is it a cheap gimmick to milk the Angry Birds franchise? While a lot is certainly left up in the air, and there are plenty factors that could easily change the course of this mash up, I think it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

Due to the fact that this release will indeed be a full-fledged game, the expectations definitely take a hike up. The Angry Birds Tumblr page features a YouTube teaser showing a bird dressed up in Jedi robes, igniting his lightsaber (which then takes the unique form of the slingshot-like devices the birds launch themselves out of in their titular games thus far). Will this be how the game is played? Can we expect to launch birds from lightsaber sling-shots? Only time will tell.

I’d also like to point out that the picture on the Tumblr page features a lot of birds looking like famous Star Wars characters. Now, this may simply be reading too far into it, but perhaps this game will take the course of one of the films in its story arc? This would be an interesting dynamic, to take all the famous scenes from one of the Star Wars movies and fit them into the Angry Birds style of gameplay. But, despite the appealing sound of that, it could fail, hard. That’s the unfortunate truth.

Then again, this could just simply be good old Angry Birds as we’ve come to love them, with Star Wars skins. This would be a tiny bit of a let down from my perspective, as the potential with a license as gigantic as Star Wars is near infinite. To see it degraded to a fresh coat of paint over the existing base game with no mechanics changes or gameplay alterations would be underwhelming to say the least.

But, either way, we’ll know soon, as the game itself launches next month. I’m a bit skeptical, but excited nonetheless. How about you? Looking forward to this game? Be sure to sound off in the comments section!

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