Hot! What’s the Pic? Answers (by Emerging Games): Level 1 – Level 25

What’s the Pic? is a new word guessing game created by Emerging Games. Unlike the highly successful 4 Pics 1 Word, this game only shows us one image and challenges us to guess the word it represents. If it sounds easy, then let me tell you that it’s not and from the 1st level you’re already in trouble.

This is the reason why I have decided to create this What’s the Pic? walkthrough for the game with answers that will help you get past all the levels and have you beat the game and enjoy all of the hundreds of levels it has. The result? Guaranteed joy! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out together the What’s the Pic? answers for Level 1 to Level 25 for the Emerging Games title!

What’s the Pic? Level 1 Answer

what the pic answer level 1

What’s the Pic? Level 2 Answer

what the pic answer level 2

What’s the Pic? Level 3 Answer

what the pic answer level 3

What’s the Pic? Level 4 Answer

what the pic answer level 4

What’s the Pic? Level 5 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 6 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 7 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 8 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 9 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 10 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 11 Answer

what the pic answer level 11

What’s the Pic? Level 12 Answer

what the pic answer level 12

What’s the Pic? Level 13 Answer

what the pic answer level 13

What’s the Pic? Level 14 Answer

what the pic answer level 14

What’s the Pic? Level 15 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 16 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 17 Answer


What’s the Pic? Level 18 Answer

what the pic answer level 18

What’s the Pic? Level 19 Answer

what the pic level 19 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 20 Answer

what the pic level 20 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 21 Answer

what the pic level 21 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 22 Answer

what the pic level 22 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 23 Answer

what the pic level 23 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 24 Answer

what the pic level 24 answer


What’s the Pic? Level 25 Answer

what the pic level 25 answer


And finally, with a lot of help from you guys, we managed to complete the first 20 levels of What’s the Pic by Emerging Games (actually titled What the Pic). Stay tuned with us as more answers (click the link to see them all) for this great puzzle and image guessing game are coming soon!


  1. Level 18 is ghostship

  2. What is the one with the sailor costume with the bow help please

  3. What’s the one thAt has the red background with white polka dots and the short black hair?

  4. Whats the one with the guy smoking in a red and green suit

  5. i am stuck on the one with a bird cage and a bunch of top hats or magician hats. please help.

  6. The clue is an American film director screen writer producer and actor…
    The picture is a man with black hair.

  7. Ty. Yours is tarantino. Now I am stuck on 87 I think it is. A yellow road sign with a man and woman on it and the background behind the sign is mountains.

  8. its southpark anyone know 92????

  9. Ty. Anyone know 92? Guy with orange hair, purple hat.

  10. I meant 89 not 92.

  11. Does any one know the answer to the Taliban question number 92

  12. Number 89 please….anyone?

  13. Please Number 95 anyone? With the dog wearing a hat and a pig wearing glasses. Thanks in advance.

  14. What is the answer to level 50? Red bow tie on a white with red spots bacground

  15. anyone know the answer to level 98? looks like some kind of superhero with a white helmet with a sun on it and silver wings on the sides, please help.

  16. What’s the one with a girl in a tan bathing suit looking costume with a moon behind her

  17. Does anyone know the answer to 54, which is two toned green with a Roman Shield on it?

  18. 54 the Roman shield is Troy I think. The girl with the moon may be sailor moon. If any knows who the gold superhero on level 127(I may have level # wrong) is – please share!!!! The hint said he is a comic superhero from Dc universe. Thanks

  19. 92— yasser arafat

  20. Level 18 is ghostship

  21. level 101??

  22. please help. the answer for this pic 41?

  23. Number 68-the one with the chainsaw?

  24. Level 18 is ghostship

  25. What is level 25? It’s a three letter word. A man wearing a tux with his arms crossed…. Please help!

  26. Lvl 67. Someone in a rob with praying hands. Starts with a D ends with a. Its a 9 letter name

  27. dhalai lama.
    I need number 70?? Man with brown hair??!

  28. Does anyone know what level 163 lady with a brown hat and Sun glasses on?

  29. The letters are immobility only 7letter word though!

  30. Level 111?

  31. Level 95 – pig with glasses and dog with hat. Please help!!!!

  32. anyone know lvl 89?. man in purple hat with orange beard/hair?

  33. Never mind level 163 is yokoono

  34. Level 21 need help

  35. stuck on level 164, it’s a face with a painters hat

  36. Has anyone done level 117??

    • Shannon Biberdorf

      Stumped on 224 – clue: progenitor cenima – and the pic is a #5 (like the countdown before old movies)
      Pig w/glasses- snatch.

  37. What is lvl 148?

  38. level 55??? 3 arrows and a fox tail???

  39. level 70? anyone knows

  40. Level 30? Anyone x

  41. please level 70!!!!

  42. whats level 19???? 2 pink buckets?

  43. number 54 its a shield with a helmet on top ??

  44. number 58 its a snake need some help thanks you

  45. level 58 anaconda! please someone tell me level 70

  46. Please help to me, I don’t know the 64.


  48. level 70 anyone? please

  49. Level 165 anyone?

  50. Cantón anyone help with level 116

  51. Level 142 plz! It looks like a pie cut into 4 pieces and a bite taken out of the crust on one piece!

  52. 90? anyone knows?

  53. Level 142 is american pie and level 90 is fight club

  54. Need help, do anybody know what level 67 is?

  55. anybody know 72???

  56. Anyone know level 76

  57. Anyone know level 97

  58. Pleaseeee level 250????? the orange mans


  60. what is the girl that is wearing white and it kinda looks like a bathing suit but it shows a little bit of her blonde hair

  61. Please help me……
    Level 36 and the next..
    Thanks you

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