Treasure Trove Prologue Walkthrough

Treasure Trove: Prologue is a very solid adventure game available for Android devices free of charge. You are a treasure hunter and you need all your skills to complete the mission. Fortunately, I am here with a walkthrough to help you get past the most difficult tasks and moments and complete this first chapter of the game.

So let’s not waste any time because the challenge awaits and let’s check out the Treasure Trove Walkthrough for the Prologue mission in the guide below!

1. Using the metal detector, get the lever from the top of the wooden pile

2. Go right and using the metal detector, scan under the Sphinx until it turns green. Use the lever on the Sphinx, then on the bricks that were under it. Using a shovel, dig out a treasure. We need a code to open it!

3. Use the metal detector again and scan the area above the stairs – when it turns green, it indicates that an item is there. Tap that area and get a key.

4. Go twice to the left and use the key on the drawers of the cabinet in the middle of the room. Get cloth from the left drawer and old sheet of paper from the right one. Also, get the wood.

5. Tap the x in the corner to zoom out and move twice to the right, to the treasure. Tap the note to read it. We have 4 legs of 170 Kg and a head of 250, meaning a total of 930. Following the clue, this means that this is the sum of 2 fifths. So (2/5)*X=930, meaning that x is 2325. Use this code on the chest to open it! Get the colored crystals inside.

6. Go left and zoom in to the window. Place the wooden thing there and then add the crystals. After trial and error, we find out that the correct position for the crystals is, from left to right, red, green, blue.

7. Click the x and get a blue prism from the top of the chandelier.

8. Move left – zoom in to the mirror and use the cloth to clean it (swipe the mirror with the cloth selected until the light reflects)

9. Go right twice and tap the painting. Tap the painting to remove it and use the prism with that hole.

10. Go right and zoom in on the big painting. Use the lever with the hinges on the right, then the lever on the wall behind it to reveal some bricks. Tap the bricks that have lights on them and exit by pressing the x.

11. Tap the wardrobe and you are out!

And this was the walkthrough for Treasure Trove Prologue, a very nice start to an amazing adventure. Unfortunately, in order to get the Treasure Trove: Chapter 1, you have to pay one dollar, but I am sure you will if you liked the beginning of Treasure Trove.

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