This War of Mine – Android Review

This War of Mine is a survival game by 11 Bit Studios that is roughly based on the war in Sarajevo. Since its release on PC/Steam and mobile devices, the game has received many good reviews. After playing with it the whole week, I have to admit, I agree wholeheartedly with all the good reviews. This game is amazing and, more importantly, thought provoking.

Developer 11 Bit Studios (who also developed the awesome Anomaly games) has decided to stray away from all the shooting and action in the war, and instead focus on how the victims of war survive in extremely difficult situations. In the game, you scavenge other houses for supplies, food, equipments and weapons and make the tough choices of who gets to eat, and who doesn’t.

Every night, you have to determine who stays up for guard duty, who gets to sleep and who goes out to scavenge. Yes, the game throws plenty of life and death choices at you and the consequences will either make you happy or full of regret. the items you scavenge can be used to craft more elaborate things such as furniture, weapons, ammo, important tools, and medicine.

Medicine is extremely valuable for survival and can be crafted or found to heal illnesses and wounds. From time to time, procedural events happen such as your house being raided by another group, or a couple of people knock on your door hoping to trade or get in. You, as the leader of this band of survivors, have to decide if you can trust a stranger, or whether it is worth trading in ammo for medicine.

Perhaps the more interesting gameplay element in the game is that you control the character you send out to scavenge. So you personally go into people’s houses and steal their things. As if that doesn’t make you feel guilty already, there are people in the house that you have to deal with as you loot their stuff. Sometimes, there is a band of survivors guarding the house with weapons, and sometimes, it’s an elderly couple who pleads with you to spare their life or leave some supplies for them. Sometimes there are only corpses on the bed that remind you how brutal this war has been.

This is not a mindless shooting game or a match-3 game. This is a brilliant and intelligent game that brings out the most primal and natural emotions in anyone who plays it. Every single choice in the game matters, and might lead to life and death, or the ultimate survival of your entire team. What’s worse is that you’re not the only one suffering. Your team’s survival comes at the expense of other people, and you have to live with it.

To buy and download the game, head on over to the Google Play Store by clicking here. Trust me, it truly is a unique experience that will leave you contemplating every decision.

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