This is Blackberry’s Android phone

You do remember the famous Blackberrys, right? Well, they might become a huge thing quite soon, with their new Blackberry with Android as its OS. The new phone will be called “Venice.” Such an artsy name, don’t you think?

BlackBerrys upcoming smart phone has been rumored for a while, and all the way back to Mobile World Congress earlier this year, a handful of lucky attendees got a brief look at the phone. Since then the rumors has been relatively muted. Only a few pictures and rumors specs have flourished. Now, there has arrived more pictures of BlackBerry Venice, showing the device from every possible angle.

The first thing you notice is that Venice has a physical QWERTY keyboard, and that it is running Android and not BlackBerry OS. According to some rumors, Venice has a Snapdragon 808 processor, a Quad-HD display of unknown size and 3GB RAM. It is expected that the phone will be launched this year, and most likely in November.

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