The Greedy Cave Review

Over the weekend, I was lamenting to my brother about the lack of motivation in continuing Clash Royale as I had just suffered a string of losses that pushed me back two arenas. It was heartbreaking. So, he suggested I take a break from that game and try something new, something different. He told me to try a game called The Greedy Cave. I have never heard of the game or the developer, Avalon Games, before, so obviously, I was a little bit skeptical. I’m glad I did try it though, as it has provided me with a casual offline dungeon crawler that is pretty well done.

In The Greedy Cave, you play as an adventurer (that looks surprisingly like the character in Don’t Starve) seeking gold and legendary weapons and armor in a forsaken cave. According to the lengthy description in the Google Play Store, news of immense treasure in the cave spread like wildfire causing many adventurers to come from all over the world. However, adventurers are starting to go missing for unknown reasons, causing paranoia and suspicions. Some have already given up. That is where you come in.

The controls are simple enough. You control your character by tapping on an empty space to move, on an item to action, or on an enemy to attack them. Attacks are automated, but you do gain skills to use while you auto-attack. Items picked up will be stored in your inventory, including potions and enchanting materials.

Descend further into the cave by finding the stairs in each level. Every 10 levels, you will gain a new checkpoint that you can start from in the next playthrough, but getting there is no easy feat as the difficulty ramps up as you descend. Also, after every 10 levels, the environment and enemies are completely changed, providing a welcome variety in level design. I encountered my first boss fight at level 20, and it was a challenging fight.

A very unique aspect of this game, and one that I wish was told to me earlier, is that the only way to escape the cave is by using an Escape Scroll that is only obtainable in the first 5 levels from where you entered. Maybe I skipped a tutorial or something, but I only found this out when I went to the forums. Another unique feature of The Greedy Cave is that you can only bring gold quality items out of the cave, and there are statues in the cave that allow you to turn regular items that you picked up into gold. Enchanting tables are also present in the caves to further enchant your equipment.

Back in town, you can upgrade your equipment by sacrificing items. The higher the item level, the better the upgrade. You can also buy and sell weapons, armor, potions and enchanting materials from a vendor. Once a day, you can spin a wheel for a reward.

As you progress through the cave, you gain experience by killing monsters. When you level up, you get to allocate points into increasing your attack, defence, health, mana, etc. Every 5 or so points allocated, you get to choose between two new abilities, some are active and some passive.

The ultimate goal in the game is to get better equipment and skills as you progress further and further into the cave. This steady progression is really satisfying and the pick-up-and-play convenience of this game is absolutely refreshing. Bosses serve as a gear and skill check, but also requires a tactical knowledge of your skills and timing of potions. It all culminates in a grand adventure that you should not miss if you are looking for a dungeon crawler.

Click here for a link to the game in the Google Play Store.


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