The Adventures of Small Fry Review

When I played Small Fry a week ago, it really brought back memories of when I played 1983’s Dolphin by Activision for the Atari 2600. And for those who have played small fry, then you might think that this game is a Tiny Wings clone. But Small Fry is the story of a little fish in a very big pond. Small Fry is a citizen of the big ocean, and it is a very hostile environment.

Small Fry in case you guess it is an endless runner….swimming game. Our little fish begins in the ocean environment that soon enough becomes dangerous. Because the further you go, a big, bad shark finds Small Fry and chases him, and if you think that out swimming the shark will be an easy task, think again, because there are different sea creatures that seem to get in Small Fry’s way, and slowing him down enough for the shark to end the game in a single….bite.

The game’s controls  works pretty well, but you’ll find it tough to grab the currency that litters the sea until you’ve got a few upgrades under your belt. You’ll have more fun in the air though, and it’s here that the game really differentiates itself from the competition. Air bubbles are sprinkled above sea level, and if you can bounce off three consecutively, you’ll avoid the attentions of a game-ending shark who constantly chases from the rear. Get really high into the stratosphere and you can even take part in the game’s third slice of gameplay, where you float through space to dodge asteroids.

Small Fry

Even though the ocean floor is yours, Fry is not as helpless as he looks, he can in fact jump, which believe it or not is actually pretty good at it, and if you gains enough speed and height, he can jump far into space, where no fish has gone before. But rest assured his space flight only give him a brief time away from the shark’s pursuit, and it will only get a matter of time until he finds him again.

There is something charming about this game. Its swoop-and-leap gameplay feels particularly rewarding thanks to the opportunity to escape your enemies by leaping into space, of all places.
Diving to the bottom of the ocean, torpedoing upwards, and arcing through the air is satisfying on its own, but elevating yourself into the stratosphere via a stairway of bubbles is something else entirely.

Small Fry manages to sail through space long enough to collect additional bubbles, he gains a rainbow trail that genuinely makes you feel like a fish-god for as long as it lasts. And if that doesn’t charm you, just look at the way Fry holds his breath every time he leaps into the air.  This game is free at the Google Play Store. So have fun and Happy Gaming Gamers




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