SuperSike’s new game Go Kane is about Love and Dealing Drugs….Seriously

There has been some games that deal with the art of fake drug dealing, but they are usually about trying to make the most money, then you get caught or…you die. Well SuperSike’s new game titled Go Kane! takes this genre to a whole new other level…

Go Kane! is about a guy named Kane who’s only real job is selling drugs occasionally. However once his girlfriend is kidnapped and held for a rather ridiculous amount of money, Kane has to step up his game and start selling those not-so-legal pharmaceuticals a lot more in order to raise the amount of money needed to pay the kidnappers.

The game has multiple endings to discover, simple controls, and has plenty of humor throughout the game, it also make a good time killer when you have a few minutes to spare.

Now we at the Android Entity do not condone to selling drugs in real life, and hopefully you will not have to in order to get this game since it is already Free to download at the Google Play Store.

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