Super Heroes Logo Quiz Level 1 Answers (Walkthrough)

Super Heroes Logo Quiz is an Android application that challenges you to find the name of all the “superheroes” based on their pictures. However, we’re not talking here about superheroes only as we also have Disney characters and other cartoon characters. And if you ever get stuck and you can’t find the name of a superhero (you need to find them all to unlock the next level), I am here to share with you all the correct answers for Super Heroes Logo Quiz: level 1 for now.

So read on this walkthrough to see all the correct names of the “superheroes” in Superheroes Logo Quiz Level 1. They are always in the same order and I have arranged them from left to right:

– Batman
– Superman
– Spiderman
– Wolverine
– Donald Duck
– Huey
– Dewey
– Louie
– Captain America
– Cyclops
– Iron Man
– Uncle Scrooge
– Mickey Mouse
– Goofy
– Archie Andrews
– Veronica Lodge
– Betty Cooper
– Beast
– Thing (without THE)
– Storm
– Mr Fantastic
– Human Torch
– Hulk
– Wonder Woman
– Dick Grayson
– Thor
– Professor X
– Invisible Woman
– Jughead Jones
– Colossus

UPDATE: In case that this was not good enough for you, I have also created a video walkthrough for the first level of Super Heroes Logo Quiz for Android, so check it out below:

And these are all the correct answers for the Level 1 of the Super Heroes Logo Quiz (or Logo Quiz: Superheroes, at it is listed on the Android device after you download it). Hope it proves to be really useful!

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