Subway Surfers Review

Since playing Subway Surfers almost 2 years ago, it is a game that I still have on my Android device, and yes, to this day I still play Subway Surfers, and people I know, believe it or not , still play this game. So after almost two years, what makes this game so darn addicting? Please read on fellow readers….

Before there was Subway Surfers, there was another endless runner game, Temple Run, and when it was released it caused quite the craze. And when Subway Surfers was released, yes it did play just like Temple Run, but it has some major twists, that made the game much more entertaining for gamers in many ways.

Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, the goal of Subway Surfers is to avoid getting caught from the cops that are after you, which means that you have to dodge trains, jump over hurdles, and take advantage of the different power-ups, that you will come across, such as the hoverboard. The game’s controls work just like that of Temple Run, or any other endless runners, that are available at the Google Play Store, swipe left and right, to make your character switch between one of the three tracks, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to roll under obstacles.


The different power-ups add a great variety to the gameplay in Subway Surfers. Aside from the hoverboard, there is a magnet that will allow to collect all coins you’re near, you have boots that will not only increase your speed, but your jump as you will be able to jump over trains, and you have a cool jetpack, that will take you to the sky, allowing you avoid all obstacles, and more. You can earn these power-ups by playing the game, but you also have the option to upgrade them as well, via the game store. But if you have the money to spend, then you can buy currency, but we know that if you do, that would be considered cheating.

Subway Surfers also offers a collection of missions ,similar to that of Jetpack Joyride. An example of one mission, will require to you bump into 10 trains, or another example will require you to roll 30 times in one run. And there is also ‘daily challenges’ that can be competed in a day too.

Subway Surfers may be an endless runner, but it is NOT a rip off of Temple Run by any means, it offer something different, and fresh for gamers. The different characters have a cute, cartoonish look, the environments are beautiful, and bright, the controls are responsive, the gameplay is addicting, and best of all the game does not force you spend cash on the game’s items.

So if haven’t played Subway Surfers yet, then head on over to the Google Play Store and download this game for Free, you won’t be sorry. Have fun, and Happy Gaming Gamers.




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