Hot! Stupidness Test: What’s My IQ Walkthrough (Android)

Stupidness Test: What’s My IQ? or simply put The Stupidness Test is a fun Android game from Itch Mania that comes with some tricky questions to check out “IQ”. Of course, the game itself doesn’t have anything to do with the IQ testing, but it’s extremely challenging and smart, and therefore a walkthrough is always welcome.

I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough for Stupidness Test: What’s My IQ for Android devices, helping you to complete the 30 levels of the game. So let’s check out the Stupidness Test walkthrough below and let’s see how to complete all the levels in one go!

Stupidness Test Level 1 walkthrough
Answer: 21

Stupidness Test Level 2 walkthrough
Pop the balloons, but pay attention that one will appear to the left while you do it.

Stupidness Test Level 3 walkthrough
5 = 1, as we are told in the first line.

Stupidness Test Level 4 walkthrough
Press the button, but be careful that it changes position. After a while, both buttons become red – wait a while and you will be able to press a green button.

Stupidness Test Level 5 walkthrough
Tap the letter x.

Stupidness Test Level 6 walkthrough
Tap the word anywhere.

Stupidness Test Level 7 walkthrough
Tap until the counter reaches -1 and press done.

Stupidness Test Level 8 walkthrough
Simply slide the ball to the right.

Stupidness Test Level 9 walkthrough
Turn your phone upside down and tap the arrow pointing right (which was originally pointing left).

Stupidness Test Level 10 walkthrough
Tap: 12, 48, 32, 25, 54

Stupidness Test Level 11 walkthrough
Put all the shapes in the corresponding places, but put the green triangle over the red star.

Stupidness Test Level 12 walkthrough
Put the word “Ball” in the trash

Stupidness Test Level 13 walkthrough
Correct answer is 3, because the lions are dead.

Stupidness Test Level 14 walkthrough
Drag the arrow below at the end of the top arrow, then tap the newly created one

Stupidness Test Level 15 walkthrough
Try to drag the oranges away – one can be dragged, so there are 7 oranges.

Stupidness Test Level 16 walkthrough
Make the number 1.23 using the dot at the end of the phrase.

Stupidness Test Level 17 walkthrough
Tap the orange 4 times

Stupidness Test Level 18 walkthrough
Help the cat over the fence: simply move the fence behind the cat.

Stupidness Test Level 19 walkthrough
Type the smallest possible number: Hold the phone flat (on the table) and drag the _ to the left to form a minus. Then tap 55, as -55 is the smallest number

Stupidness Test Level 20 walkthrough
Shake the right hand: tap and hold the left hand, then shake the phone.

Stupidness Test Level 21 walkthrough
Use all the shapes to form a rectangle: first, drag the circle over the square. Then drag the triangle to the left of the square. Finally, drag the final piece to make a rectangle.

Stupidness Test Level 22 walkthrough
Help the cat over the fence (again): Tap and drag the mouse to the other side of the fence.

Stupidness Test Level 23 walkthrough
Tap the word “button” 7 times

Stupidness Test Level 24 walkthrough
Tap the right fruit: Tap the purple fruit

Stupidness Test Level 25 walkthrough
Tap the slowest mouse: tap the words “slowest” and “mouse”

Stupidness Test Level 26 walkthrough
Move the first three balls above the line: tap and hold the last ball, then turn your phone upside down so that the balls fall over the line.

Stupidness Test Level 27 walkthrough
Use the shapes to form a rectangle (again): drag the square to a side of the phone to create a rectangle.

Stupidness Test Level 28 walkthrough
How many words are in this word? They are referring to the “this” word, so the answer is 4.

Stupidness Test Level 29 walkthrough
Turn the phone and the heading of the triangle will change. When it’s correct, drag it to the dotted lines.

Stupidness Test Level 30 walkthrough
Have the arrow point to the word “South”

And this is it! You have completed Stupidness Test: What’s My IQ for Android (or, at least, the first 30 levels that are released for the game). I really hope that you found this useful. If so, don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends!


  1. hi u have the answer for 31 how many paper are there? I can’t take it it’s killing me not knowing plz plz help tq

  2. yes im dying to answer that

  3. U need to shake. So the paper will separate into 6 pieces. Help me for 32! :(

  4. 32 , u just need to pop balloon 1 2 3 4 5 then turn ur phone upside down to pop 9 which is 6 when it’s upside down. pop 7 8 then turn ur phone upside down again to pop balloon 6 which is 9.

  5. Can anyone help me “flip the paper”?

  6. I’m stuck ok 33 :( i don’t know how to light the bulb

  7. Got 33… Now I’m stuck on 37 lol

  8. help me for 35 pleaseeeee

  9. Need help on number 33

  10. Touch the bulb first and then the end of the cord, that cause an electrical flow through your body and how you get electricuted lol

  11. I’m still stuck on 37 :(

  12. Flip the paper : turn the phone upside down with the screen facing the floor and than shake it.

    Can someone help with lvl 37??? Tap the fruit in ascending order

  13. Tap fruit in order of name, start with Apple.
    Can anyone help with level 40, create an email?

  14. Got it, drag the letter ‘e’ to the left of the envelope…finished!

  15. I tried to do 33 like

  16. Level 31 sooo stuck, tried shakin it , tried everythin, how many pieces of paper are there? Help!!

  17. Level 31 : shake the phone . “6″

  18. Help 33 i am stuck on this one

  19. lightbulb!!!!! put one finger on the cord the other finger on the bottom of the bulb…..done and dusted!!

  20. Please help! Question 36 how to move rectangle form under the circle?

  21. could somebody help me at level 34 and the rest of it…. ^^

  22. On level 37, tap the fruit in ascending order and someone said to start with apple… There is no freakin apple! I can’t get passed this level, can someone please give me a more detailed answer? xoxo

  23. please any one help me in lvl 37 tap the fruit im stuck on it

  24. Thos of you who got to a higher stage like at 40 how do you do stage 32. Need help plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  25. to Gir ….
    32 , u just need to pop balloon 1 2 3 4 5 then turn ur phone upside down to pop 9 which i
    s 6 when it’s upside down. pop 7 8 then turn ur phone upside down again to pop balloon 6 which is 9.

  26. Sorry i ment 34 sorry. :( So can yall help me on stage 34 plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Now i need help on 39

  28. to gir….
    please wsnt help in lvl 37
    tap fruit plezzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!” 

    • i am stuck on level 37. Tap the fruits in ascending order and yes i know go in alphabetical order but everytime i tap on the apple, i lose a heart! so fustrating coz i’ve been restarting at the checkpoint for 23 times now!! please help me! :(

  29. 34 plss so stuck :(

  30. 34 test answer
    touch the IQ timer

  31. The fruit is tap alphabetical order! The Apple isn’t red.

  32. 39 ..touch the grapes, slide one off & tap

  33. level 36 solution: you hold the rectangle with one finger and use another to drag the circle from the rectangle youre welcome :)))

  34. Sorry 36 someone?

  35. Help with 35 please? (:

  36. Some help me with 33

  37. 34 you should click on the IQ counter

  38. 21 will not let me pass. CAn anyone tell me how to make sure i am doing
    it right?

  39. Can someone help me please …. stuck on the light bulb

  40. Level 33: Touch & hold the wire & the bottom of the lightbulb too

  41. 39???

  42. Thanks corina

  43. Stuck on 35……ggrrr

  44. Help on 40?

    • Sorry that went under the wrong name. But if it is the first one then take the triangle half way threw the left side of the square then put the angle piece on the left of the triangle and put the circle on top of the square. Hope this helped you.

  45. I’ve tried and tried to get past level 21 the one where you use all the shapes to make a rectangle but when I put the triangle to the left of the square it does not make a rectangle please help

  46. what do you do on level 33 and 34 plz so stuck

  47. omg im about to break my tablet on 33 because it wont work i shook it it tapped it and now im about to beak it what is the answer plz iv been on this same one for 2 days now

  48. Can anyone tell me how to pass level 37 explain with detail please :s… Everytime I tap a freaken fruit it takes my hearts away so pissed >:(

  49. For level 37 is apple grape Limon orange pear but memoriz it cuz da trick is to go Fast.But in order.

  50. I need help with level 21

  51. This cheat for 21 isn’t right. It says to put the triangle to the left of the square but you should actually put it to the left. The way I did it was put the big triangle to the RIGHT of the square, use the other triangle to complete the rectangle and then put the circle in the rectangle. I hope that’s clear enough. :/

  52. I honestly cannot figure out number 33 its killing me i touched,tapped,and shook everrything:( please help me

  53. For level 33 the light bulb won’t turn on even after i hold the cord too

  54. I’m so stuck on 33? It won’t work

  55. Can someone tell me how u do #38

  56. Fr level 40: juz drag the e- (from email) nd place it aside the envelope :)

  57. someone who’s on something higher than 35 plz tell me how to do level 35

  58. I can’t get the light build one

  59. Can’t figure out level 38 just says turn left tried dragging arrows tried turning phone not working

  60. I was as frustrated as you, when doing level 33, the lightbulb one. I wanted to uninstall it. I happened to close it and open it, ( just for the sake of it ) and it worked.

    1. Touch the wire, (the cord) press and hold it ( must make a sound )
    2. touch the bottom of the lightbulb, wait for it to light.

    The reason why it didnt work is probably because of bug / glitch. Close the game and re open it.

  61. Stuck on level 38…. Can anyone help please!!

  62. Level 40- drag the e- in the directions to in front of the envelope

  63. Omg the stupid paper wont flip. How do i do it?

  64. Emily.olyvia.stuart

    Just done it all. The lightbulb one you need to put your finger on both at the same TIme. And the fruit one the apple is actually orange and the weird purple ine is berry for you who were asking. Also the flip the paper one you have to turn your phone face down and shake it. Apart from that it is pretty easy x

  65. OMG flipping the paper is pissing me off i tryed puttin my tablet upside down and shakn it like crazy i almost grew biceps lol stressing me out. Still wont work!!

  66. Ive tried 5 times…how do u tap the grape?? Ive tapped rhem all!!!

    • Flipping paper is very easy. Flipping paper is very easy. Place your phone Place your phone on a table with screen face you. on a table with screen face you. Flip the phone Flip the phone upside down with screen facing the table. upside down with screen facing the table. That’s all

  67. Flipn the page is starting to anoy me can any1 tell me a different way to flip it?

  68. Turn the screen Dow like facing the floor and shake

  69. Drag the grape then click on it

  70. I’m still stuck on level 33… do you press the light bulb or the cord first?

    • Close the game and reopen it, then touch the end of the cord then the end of the bulb. Its just a game bug.

      Can someone help me with 35 please? ??

  71. I really need #34!!!

  72. for 33 I restarted my phone and was able to do it….cord first then bottom of bulb

  73. 33 rub wire press bulb

  74. Level 20 shake the right hand please help its driving mad lol

  75. Thanks for everyones help on number 33

  76. I cant press tonplaces at once.. so how do i turn on the light bulb????!

  77. I cant get the bulb to light no matter what i try even as said above. Helppppp its driving me mad


  79. On the paper one put the device facing down on a table

  80. Stuck on 38, please help

  81. It’s okay, figured it out

  82. Can’t figure out number 33 tried everything above!!!!:(

  83. Whats number 39 i tried tapping the grape and it didnt work..please help

  84. Someone help me on level 38 cant do it!

  85. I have tried every…..single…..thing said above for level 33 and i STILL cant get past it!!! Im really sick of this im about to uninstall it (and restart all over haha) but really can some one PLEASE tell me what to do its so aggravating!!!

  86. hold left hand shake phone

  87. Level 38 please…!!!!!

  88. #38: turn the device 90° clockwise

  89. I have a Samsung galaxy ace 2 and am on level 1and can’t get past question 20 the shake the right hand ….i know how to do it but it just won’t work….other friends can do it on their phones tho….any ideas? I’ve tried the autorotation but doesn’t make a difference….help please

  90. For 39 hold finger on bunch of grapes and move one grape over on it’s own to tap.

  91. On level 29 where you have to fit the green triangle into the dotted lines, when i turn my device it doesnt go that way it goes every direction but the correct one

  92. I’m stuck on the the one where it says tap the numbers in ascending order (1,2,3) its driving me mad Pleases help

  93. Tap the numbers from the bottom of the page in order upward to the top

  94. Flipping paper is very easy. Place your phone on a table with screen face you. Flip the phone upside down with screen facing the table. That’s all

  95. Cant do 36! Please help!

  96. I can nit get past the arrow one! Help

  97. Stuck on 47 :(

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  99. Can someone please help

    how do i make the burger disappear?

    its driving me crazy.

  100. 34 any one???? Which counter is it talking about???

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