Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Released on Google Play Store!

Bioware’s Star Wars game, Knights of the Old Republic, has finally come to Android. Besides being unanimously known as the “Best Star Wars Game” of the century, Knights of the Old Republic features story branching dialog choices, an expansive RPG and is also considered way ahead of its time when it launched. This is it folks, the game that inspired more of Bioware’s amazing line of games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. You do NOT want to miss this out if you are as big a Star Wars fan as I am.

The game was released on iOS a while ago, and since then has received glorious reviews from critics and fans alike. Yes, the visuals are outdated, but as mentioned before, the gameplay and storyline makes up for it. Hey, if you can play 8-bit games and not complain about the retro graphics, don’t tell me you can’t stand the graphics here.

The port to Android is brought to you by Aspyr Media, who is famous for handling ports of many other games to various platforms. Some critics did mention that the controls are a bit off, but it is decent enough that it should not affect the overall enjoyment of the game.

If you are interested, I know I am, you can purchase it at the Google Play Store here. It is on sale at $4.99 currently, so grab it while it’s still cheap! You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you.

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