Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review

In celebration of the new movie in the Star Wars franchise: The Force Awakens, I decided to write a review of the latest Star Wars game: Galaxy of Heroes.

If that isn’t enough to get you exited, a huge company called Electronic Arts has developed Galaxy of Heroes! But can the game meet our expectations?


The game is mostly about building a great team of Star Wars characters. The characters can range from the prequels, originals and even the sequels! You have to make strategic choices so you can build the most powerful squad ever!

The designs look like they are straight from a Playstation 2 game. Which is actually really good, having in mind that you are playing such a full-scale game on a little mobile device.There are some really cool 3D animations as well. You can even travel to the places in the movies like Hoth and Tatooine!

Galaxy of Heroes is obviously huge. As well as gathering a squad, you’ll have to use them in fights. This is where all the strategy plays out. If you have a good squad with complementing abilities, you’ll rule the galaxy!


Check out the trailer:

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is definitely a good installment to the franchise. The game really satisfies all our needs. If you are looking for a game to invest plenty of time, GoH will keep you busy for hours. If you are just looking to waste time on your bus ride to school, this game also fits you perfectly!


What do you think? Are you sold? The game is free to download, so you won’t waste a dime if you just want to try it out.




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