Star Girl Cheats: Walkthrough Guide & Tips (Android)


Star Girl is a really fun Android game that challenges you to become the superstar of today’s society. It’s also a really fun experience, as you can see in my Star Girl review, but overall a real challenge. Therefore, I have decided to create and share with you this Star Girl guide with a game walkthrough, tips and tricks and “cheats” that you can use to move faster up the ladder and become a celebrity ASAP.

We’ll start with a short beginner’s guide that you should still read even if you are an experienced player since it might contain some extra tips. Afterwards, we’ll move to the tips & tricks for Star Girl that will round up this guide so have fun reading it!

Let’s start with some details about the user interface (you can see it in the image above). We have the pretty obvious things (like level indicator, energy, cash on hand and premium currency), but also some special bits:

1. Here you will be announced when you have finished a job. Make sure to get your salary as soon as you finish the job, otherwise it will expire and you will lose everything.
2. Game settings. Control things like push notifications and more.
3. Here are your quests. Tap the button to access them and have an easier access to the areas where you can complete them.
4. The “extras”. Here you can access your phone and chat with other stars or get offers, you can see your awards, change your clothes or go to the Star Chat section.
5. The ATM is the place where you can spend real money to buy jewels, coins or energy.
6. This is the door to your home. Once inside, you can see your boyfriend, get his gifts, change clothes and take photos.

Additionally, there are multiple areas that you can access by scrolling to the left:
- the Fashion Store (where you buy new clothes)
- the Salon (where you change your look and hair style)
- the Job Center (where you pursue your dreams to become a celebrity)
- the Star Cafe (where you meet your next boyfriend and flirt)
- the Bar (where the real celebrities are)
- the Carnival (where you can play some mini games

Visiting the Job Center should be one of your main priorities, because that’s the main source of income that you will get. Start jobs there continuously and make sure that you come back as soon as they are done, otherwise the expire (have in mind that in Star Girl it works different from other similar games where the jobs expire after double the time. Here it’s a lot faster, although I don’t know exactly how fast)

Going to the Carnival gives you access to two mini games right now: the Wheel of Fortune that’s usually a waste of money and the “Where are my Clothes” mini game:

Here, you have to tap the correct piece of clothing from a list to fill up the gift meter and earn a reward. Although the rewards are not too impressive (some coins or XP or energy), the game itself is fun and a good way to spend your energy if you have extra.

Dating and flirting is an important element of Star Girl for Android and fortunately there are a ton of guys to choose from. You’ll have to start slow with the regulars and only after you build up your character, move to the celebrities.

After choosing the guy to flirt with (he will also be available in the phone menu after the first date), you have three options to increase the romance: spend energy (lowest increase), spend coins (medium) and spend diamonds (biggest increase):

As soon as the love meter reaches 100%, you can invite that boy over at your home and he will give you one gift every 30 minutes. These gifts are really nice, as they consist in clothes, jewelry and other real goodies.

And this is the beginner’s guide for Star Girl and the walkthrough is complete. Now let’s get to some more advanced tips and tricks to help you do better in the game:

1. Click the posters in the city with the image of your avatar. Usually they reward you with just a few coins, but every now and then you will earn premium currency, which is a real deal!

2. How to get coins faster in Star Girl
- You will never have enough money in the game since everything is extremely expensive. So the easiest way to get more coins is to do jobs – the longer the job time, the better the pay, but I have to repeat: make sure that you are there to collect as soon as the job is done, otherwise you will lose it all.
- Tap the posters. They only give you a few coins, but every little bit helps!
- Visit your friends and take pictures, then share them on Facebook – this will earn you extra coins too
- Check out your smartphone: you will sometimes (usually after logging in after a long period of time) get offers from your agent. You only need to spend a little energy and you will get a lot of coins
- Log in daily for the coin bonus

3. Add more friends!
Friends are extremely important in Star Girl, as they increase your energy limit, they can help you with the Flirting mini game and they can provide extra coins and XP if you visit their homes. I have created a page to add more Star Girl friends, so you can check it out if you need a few more!

4. You need more charm to get access to the top tier celebrities, so invest in clothes and accessories (and make sure to wear them!) to raise your charm.

5. Keep an eye on your phone. A new job might be waiting for you there or a new date. Anyway, it’s always good to check the phone for messages that will give you rewards.

6. Play the “Where are my clothes” mini game often!
Right now, the number of clothes in the game is pretty small, but updates will increase that. So make sure you play it as much as possible right now because it’s easier and you have a small variety of clothes to choose from (you will learn them really easy and bag up huge points!)

7. Don’t spend your energy in the Star Chat
Yes, it is fun to troll the celebrities there, but there are no other real gains (except for small XP points, which are pretty useless anyway). Spend your energy elsewhere, like flirting or playing the clothes mini game.

8. Take your time!
Star Girl is not a game that makes you a superstar in no time, so don’t be scared that you are not progressing too well – everybody goes through the same problems, so don’t panic! Find your own pace, take your time and be patient. Eventually, you will become the superstar that you want to be!


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