Sniper Fury Android Review

The huge and almighty Gameloft is back with yet another action game; Sniper Fury

The new action-FPS was released in December and I have finally managed to get a good feel about this game. Enough to give my verdict on it. And its pretty mediocre, to be honest.

Let’s start with the story. Well, if there was a good or a plot with a point, I’d write about it. But there just isn’t. Basically the world is at the brink of war, and you, the worlds greatest sniper has to fight against the evilness in the world.

As well as the lame story, the game’s controllers are really, really bad. It feels so wrong. Its twitchy, really sensitive and restrained controllers just made this game flop. I don’t get how they could have not focused on this. They should have at least focused on either the story or the controls in my opinion.

However, they did do great on the soundtrack and the art. The soundtrack gives the game this dark and gloomy feel. It just fits perfect with the environments in the game. The graphics and overall creativity other than the plot is near perfect. Kudos for that!

Take a look at the trailer:

To be fair, it is an okay game. It’s free so you’re not wasting money, only your time, if you don’t like.

So what do you think? Is it worth the download? If you think so, download it right here for free!



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