Hot! Shipwrecked Guide (Android): Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Stay

As a huge fan of the Lost TV series, I was really pleased when I found the Shipwrecked game available for Android phones on Google Play and I started to play it immediately. And even though it can’t be compared with a “Lost” experience, the game is colorful and fun and really addictive. However, there are some tips and tricks to consider when playing this game and I am here to share that with you.

So let’s start checking out a Shipwrecked guide below with Shipwrecked tips and tricks that will make your stay on the island a lot more pleasant!

Learn to time actions!
Everything in Shipwrecked requires your survivors to spend some time doing it. Therefore, make sure you time things right and start performing the less time consuming tasks first and leave the long ones for the end, when you can log out. One of my strategies is to assign one of my survivors to a 5 minute task as soon as I get into the game and then start collecting and performing shorter tasks with the other two. Usually, when I am done, I can again use the first survivor for some even longer chores!

Block your survivors!
Trapping your survivors in a small area is a great way to have things move faster for you as they will no longer walk to perform the actions (since they can’t get to that place) and instead they’ll immediately start it from their current position. As an example, you can see the path blocked below and still the action performed:

Clean debris
You should never ignore the debris (the rocks and shells and logs that wash up on the island) EVER and make sure you keep cleaning them regularly to let others take their place. Not only that they give you valuable resources, but also silver, which is the currency used in the game and it is really hard to get!

How to get more silver
As I said, silver is the currency of the game and it’s pretty hard to get. The easiest way to do it is to plant crops and harvest them, so make sure that you constantly do that otherwise you will soon run out of silver!

Don’t get too much ahead of the goals
Shipwrecked is a goal-oriented game, meaning that it should be your goal to only focus on completing these missions. Because if you perform some tasks before they are required by a mission, you will have to do it over again. If usually this doesn’t hurt much, at least retain from cutting too many jungle bits – you will need the swords for the quests!

Plan ahead
I have decided to leave the right side of the island for exploration – usually, when you get a mission that requires you to cut some jungle to find something in there, you will find it after the first try. Therefore you can plan the design of your island early on and have things easier to accomplish.

Don’t rush things!
Shipwrecked for Android, just like any other casual / time management game, is not a game to complete fast. You need to invest time and log in regularly in order to get the most out of it. This is actually the best part of it – it can be easily played in short bits during breaks or dead times. So take advantage of this and don’t rush things! There’s really no hurry!

And these are the tips and tricks that I had to share with you in this short but hopefully helpful Shipwrecked guide. If you have other strategies or tips to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to comment below and let us know about them!


  1. I am trying to find a soybean plant to no avail. Can you help me please?

  2. Do you ever have more than four survivors in your crew? Does sabastan ever join? I havent been playing very long and I was just curious. Lol

  3. were can i find planks?

  4. i need some smooth planks please help me , where i find this?????

    • The store cutter is real annoying, but you just have to finish all the tasks associated with the magic pot thing and wait for (Ben I think) to tell you to search the forest for it. Don’t just look for it; you will waste valuable swords.

  5. Like some others, I need smooth planks to finish building something. I can’t work out how to get them… Help please!

  6. soya beans can you find if you go to market and then crops

  7. I have 2 tasks to build houses but it says I need more courage. What do I do to increase my courage?

  8. I was wondering kinda the same thing except it says i dont have enough courage to build more houses. I have 12/12 houses now. How many courage pts do i need to build more?

  9. Rob,

    That is the same message I get. I did figure out that you get more courage points when you add decorations.

    • U need 15463. That was stupid cuz they start u so low with that

      • rebecca armentrout

        I’m not about to buy swords.I’m trying to figure out how to smooth planks.from what I’ve read it won’t happen because I didn’t finish limited edition quests.well without swords,that’s not possible!

  10. Building the great forge now. Says I need iron ore from the iron mine. How do I get he iron mine? Much thanks

  11. I need the stone Cutter to cut rocks how do I get one? Also I can’t locate the brasier for the Spanish tower to complete it. Help please

  12. I need the stone cutter as well. Where is he?

  13. Ya but im runnin out room and sick of buyin the same decorations ya kno. What do i have to get to. Ne ideas?

  14. I have been playing this game for some time now and I’ve come to realize that this game gives you very little of what you need and makes you want to spend actual money does anyone know how to get swords faster without purchasing anything

  15. At the very beginning of the game i found my well roof then fell asleep. When i woke up it disappeared so now i cant complete my well which means i always have 3 quest that i cant complete and i got my mother in law addicted to the game so i know i cant build bricks or find my spanish fortresse because of the glitch. Is there any way to fix the problem?

    • The game will offer u 2 download another free app and get 5 swords. Don’t erase monster park when it offers it- millionaire slots will b offered as the 3rd or 4th option. Reach level 5, go 2 ur home page, stop ur apps ,load shipwrecked, get 5 swords, delete slots it’ll offer in about 24 hrs. So far it’s given me 5 swords a day for about a month.

  16. The iron ore is in the left side of the jungle towards the back you have to use your swords to find it. The stone cutter is also in something you have to find in the jungle with your swords which was on the right side. As for getting more swords and silver you can click on earn for free and do what the advertisement says to earn them for free. Hope this helps.

  17. Elizabeth Rushton

    How do I get bricks? I need them to complete a quest but don’t have a brick kiln and can’t find one to build. Please help.

  18. Lumber Mill? I can’t find one? I have a Lumberyard. I need planks.

  19. building archeaology college how do i get rope fencing???

  20. Does this game stop @ level 40? I would be very disappointed.

  21. There’s life after 40, took a week + of waiting- level didn’t change but got 3 new tasks.

  22. Instead of blocking the workers in so they Dont have to walk to tasks before starting it. tap task twice, it seams to stop them in there tracks (most of the time)

  23. if any of you were wondering how to make money I found a solution whenever you go to bed make sure to plan some sweet potatoes after a while you will start realizing you’re making lots of money when you have around 12,000 coins start making acai trees make at least 3 to 4 when you go to bed make sure to harvest the acai trees every 8 hours you will make 2570 coins in my game I have 4 trees I have over 100,000 coins

  24. How do I get pineapples? I checked the trees, but there aren’t any pineapple trees, so I’m not sure where else to look.. Thanks

  25. I’ve found everything but stone cutter. More tasks keep coming, I find new things that are requested but no stone cutter. So how do I level up to complete kitchen.?

    • Stone cutter can be found by doing all the tasks related to the spanish secret quest. Takes a lot of time and a lot of clearing jungle. I get swords by installing the recommended games and once i get the swords I uninstall the games to not slow my phone. Thanks to the person suggesting the acai trees to get coins!

  26. How many courage points r needed to build more than 14 houses. That s**t keeps screwin me

  27. Where do I find the well at?

  28. U peeps are way to impatient. Keep playing and you’ll keep finding your own answers. Level 42 and still rolling.

  29. Still cant find the IRON MINE pls help I cant make any arrowheads till I fin it. Im lvl 26 done a ton of quests and hacked a lot of jungle

  30. I have the plain Christmas tree for which I need to get “a collection of shell ornaments to decorate the tree.” I have tried just about everything and cannot figure out what I need to do in order to get these mysterious shell ornaments. Has anyone completed this?? Any ideas?? Thanks!!

  31. I love this game so addictive but the comment up above says you need to “dig” for rope someone please tell me how. also looking for. Smooth planks upgraded my lumber mill to its max please help thanks

  32. Where do i get sulphur powder?

  33. You have to comeplete the limited edition tasks on time. Then constantly work on other tasks. If you dont complete a limited edition you might as weel delete your game. I never found lumber mil and had to restart with new gmail.

  34. If you didnt get the shell ornaments during the limited edition task you will never get them.

    • So if i never found a part of posidens thrown before the quest was up ill never find it? Just wondering so i dont waste my swords

  35. How many courage points r needed in order to build 17 houses. Im getting about sick of this. U have to get thousands of points and then can only build 2 houses it would b nice if i knew how many points i needed so i can plan according to it

  36. Can anyone tell me where or how to get the stone cutter?!?!?!

  37. So i just purchased coins, gold, and swords. I still haven’t recieved them. How to do i contact google or how do i receive them without having to purchase them again?

  38. My characters are breaking up in their rectangular space. Still work, but stuttering. Can they br reset somehow?

  39. My feasting hall is incomplete need silver ore will I ever find it.I am on level 40 love this game need more tasks.

  40. This may be a silly question but is there anything I can do with my inventory? Is there anything that requires fruit? I’m probably just being impatient but i thought maybe I’m just missing something. I only ever seem to use stones and wood for building and quests and stuff.

    • Fruit is needed for the Kitchen to make pies, dinners, etc. There are some buildings that require the end products to get items. On another note, build a barn and your will bet milk, a bath house and you will get soap. Those items will probably be needed somewhere I just don’t know where yet ut they show up in my inventory.

  41. Everything pops up randomly.. when u have a quest for something just search the jungle. it will come up if u need it but it might cost 2 or3 sword to find it.

  42. Download the advertised apps is a great way to get sword

  43. Does anyone know how I can get more clay???!!!!!

  44. how can i buy swords with out a credit card?

  45. I’m trying to build the tavern and it says I need flour from the grains of the donkey mill. I assumed i’d get the flour once i had the donkey flourmill but no. Now i’m thinking that i need to buy something to make the literaly make the flour from the grains. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions please.

  46. How do I get flower pots? Also, a stone cutter, what is it, and how do I get it? Thank you, for your help.

  47. How do i restart the game??
    My lil bro went on and ruined it…

  48. If you need smooth planks then you need to complete the limited edition quests if you dont then save up ypur gold to restart them also when you restart them youu dont have the limited time to do them in. and you will have to buy a few swords to complete some tasks. also to get clay you have to find the clay mill in the jungle.

  49. Also for courage points just buy lots of decorations your courage goes up every time you purchase decorations xx

  50. Can not find stone cutter. HELP

  51. I need dried grain to finish a building. Says you can get it from the well or the granary. I have both but every time I collect from I only get silver and xp points. Where is the grain

  52. I cant figure out how to make a lumberyard/stockpile wood.. I know where it is but what do I do there?

  53. How long do swords usually take to appear after you have bought them??

  54. How do I get more gold? Nd how do I block my survivors In someplace?

  55. I’ve bought some swords but I havent got them yet

  56. Can anyone pleass help with the archeology thing it says i need rope but i dont know how to get rope

  57. Ok I need iron ore but can’t get it anyone now how to get it?

  58. Just like the world today, Everyone playing this game is impatient. Simply wait for tasks to appear, and in the process of completing them you will find what you need. Anything you look for in the jungle will NEver take more than 3 sword. Also, I find it best to simply ignore the Limited time quests since they use up many swords and as the game goes on they get harder to complete. I am on level 52 and counting. Oh, and I’ve never spent a dime of real money. Patience, my friends.

  59. Hey can anyone help i went onto my shipwrecked and pretty much my whole jungle has gone just made into one big square again. i still have some of it left but its like its been cut and most of it has disappeared.

  60. My jungle has ended up as one big square, i am not happy :-( can i get my jungle back?

  61. If I get a new phone do I have to start over on this game

    • If you are playing on your phone try going to settings-apps-click on shipwrecked- then clear data. That will reduce the size it is on your phone without messing anything up.

  62. I only have 4 castaways . How do I find the others

  63. I need cannons. Where do u get them or what building to they come from.

  64. Has anyone ever finished the game? I just would like to know how many leavels there are if anyone knows?

  65. I am on a task to build the tower, and it’s telling me to send my airship off to find the wizard book…I’ve now used a bunch of swords and sent the airship up numerous times, and still no book. Am I doing something wrong? I really don’t want to waste any more swords!

  66. Can anyone help me please everytime i go onto my shipwrecked iit takes ages to load up then when it is finally loaded up it will let me harvest a couple of buildings then itl stop running the game every single time so i cant get anything done

  67. Can anyone tell me about the stone cutter I cant find it????

  68. If you’re looking for stone cutters, saw mill or anything of that nature, you have to wait for the quest that asks you to search in the jungle for it. if you’re just using sword to search the jungle (without specific task) then you’re wasting swords; you will NEVER JUST find things in the jungle (besides an occasional chest). You have to have a task in order to find things.

  69. Joan Donna Panzer

    How do i get a lumber mill so i can get planks? I need them for a number of goals.

  70. Plz tell me how to get stone cutter

  71. Where do I get a brick kiln?

  72. I’m one of them people that play the games that r free n can’t afford to pay for items like swords so if u could give me help on the game it would be great its on of my favorites that I play on my phone. I was very far until I had to switch my phone n lost it all. My biggest is the stone cutter n dino egg n more. Thank you

  73. comment faire pour obtenir des cailloux

    • Salut je te réponds car personne à l’air de parler français sur ce site. C’est pour t’indiquer qu’à force de chercher sur internet j’ai trouvé comment avoir les cailloux de construction. Dans la jungle on trouvera un tailleur de cailloux du même style que la carrière de pierre. Puis après on aura des jolis cailloux.
      J’espère que je t’aurais aidé.

  74. Hi. does anyone know how to access 1 account on multiple devices? I am playing on my phone, and would like to be able to play the same game on my tablet. Also, as a tip to other players, I planted a TON of banana trees. They regenerate in 5 minutes, and take only 1 potion to harvest (or 30 seconds). Great way to build silver and xp.

  75. Does any one know how to get the steel foundry

  76. How can I ignore the limited quests? Like its advised here? I always find things for these first, that’s bad because I need essential things first.

  77. How can I find high striker; plz help me

  78. I got vouchers in my inventory from te limited quest, but can i use them for anything? And if so how?

  79. What am I supposed to see in the airship I keep wasting swords and nothing happens and how do I get the stone cutter please help

  80. Hi I am in need of a lumber mill where would I find this

  81. oh, and the wood shop might double as a lumber mill/yard.

  82. The building ‘hammock’ produces rope.

  83. I need help my game freezes up everytime I try to go to atlantis how do I fix this problem I tried deleting then reloading the game but didn’t work I found part of a blue piece but it didn’t come up when I did and now I can’t get back please help

  84. Help. I need more rocks. Building need to upgrade. But I need rocks. How can I get/find a bunch???

  85. Can you build swords im at level 17 and just wondering n the only quest im not surr on is the lost cargo crates how do u open them I have the clay pit stone cutter iron mine kitchen forge trading post museum fire pagoda normal pagoda etc.

  86. Where in the jungle do I find the well? Right or left side?

  87. How do I beat the spinning tornado guys?

  88. how do i get the iron mine? im on level 32 and still havent got it, its bloody enoying.

  89. Looking for stone cutter myself (38) but I do have a neighbor “magoo” on level 200!

  90. I need neighbors, so add me if you need neighbors my ID is bhowcroft91

  91. How do I get the steel mill? Need it to make cannon balls and cannons!

  92. If. Using a cell. Phone. Make island there. And then on u table make a diff one. Then u send back. And for u are neighbors ***have a try at it. Let me know how u like

  93. I need a stone cutter HELP PLEASE.

  94. If you want I’ll friend anyone give you swords I spent about a grand so leave your id. Cant figure out any puzzles but oh well :)

  95. My id is sami420

  96. I am level 56. I figured out that if you need the lumbar mill, steel foundry, stone cutter you must first google it and find out what the name of that quest is. Then ONLY do that quest, dont push new for other quests. Once you isolate the quest you only find stuff in the jungle that you need.

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