Run Forrest Run Review

If you haven´t seen Forrest Gump, well, then you´re just, I don´t know, stupid? Forrest Gump is one of the best movies out there, and this isn´t just my personal opinion. It is holding the #14 place on IMDB´s top 250 movies. So what are you waiting for? Watch the movie! Then play this game!

General Mobile has developed a game called Run Forrest Run. Basically, it´s just an ordinary endless runner game. But it recreates one of the most famous movie scenes of all time. Again, if you haven´t seen the movie, you should probably stop right here, because I am going to spoil some important parts of the movie. Forrest Gump, in the movie, sets to run across the country for absolutely no reason at all, collecting a bunch of people as followers.

Run Forrest Run

In the movie, Forrest doesn´t really meet that many challenges during his voyage, but in the game you do. You will encounter unpredictable obstacles through different scenarios and stages during the game.

The game looks really nice for being a very unknown game developer company. I had not ever heard of them before, neither had I heard about their games. If you look at their previous games, you can notice the huge difference with the graphics. The game has this cartoony art style which fits incredebly well with the game, having in mind that Forrest was really childish in the movie. The game almost reminds of Subway Surfers, which was a huge success as you already most likely know. But in Run Forrest Run there is a lot of difference scenarios as it is in the movie. I usually dislike most games that are based on movies, but I was surprised with Run Forrest Run. It was actually really good!

However, we have come to this stage in android game development where it is kind of hard to be 100% original. So you will notice that Run Forrest Run is actaully a lot like Subway Surfer. It got the same currency system and you can also here play with Facebook friends. There is a reason for this and it should be obvious. We don´t pay 60 bucks for a game like we would for a AAA game. Most of the time, we get the games for free. And I guess we should be thankful for that, right? Anyways, what are you waiting for? Run Forrest Run! Download the game here!

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