Rise of the Blobs Review (Android)

During my long career as a gamer I was put in the shoes of a ton of character types, but I never was a Marshmallow named Marsh Mal, but there’s always a firs for everything and Rise of the Blobs, a really cool puzzle game for Android-powered device, offered me that chance.

Of course, being the Marshmallow is not the selling point of this game, fortunately! You do play as the said Marshmallow, but you have to protect your sweet skin from a bunch of hungry blobs who climb up the tower you hoped you’d find your salvation on. You do so by throwing them different types of fruit and then making them explode their entire juiciness to your salvation.

rise of the blobs review

The gameplay of Rise of the Blobs is simply amazing: if I was to try to describe it, I would say that it’s a combination of Tetris and Match three, even though that would be far from what you’re actually getting to play. The “board” this action takes place in is actually a circular one and all you can do is turn left or right and guide the falling fruit where you think they fit the best. The goal is to send fruits of a given color to blobs of the same color, then tap them and make them explode: the more blobs of the same color are connected to the exploding one, the more will explode.

It all starts out pretty slow for you to get used with the game’s innovative concept and the gameplay itself, but pretty soon you will realize that your Marshmallow needs a lot more than your crappy skills if she wants to survive. And this is when power-ups come into play, powerups that get unlocked with coins that you earn during your survival runs. You can also get upgrades to the fruits you throw (permanent ones) and both the upgrades and power-ups can be enhanced further to offer you more chances of surviving the Blobs. The truth is that the Marshmallow dies in the end, but at least she takes a lot of monsters with her.

rise of the blobs review1

Everything about this game, from its original concept, to the simple yet challenging gameplay, with the funny graphics and tons of power-up, everything adds up to an amazing title, one that you will enjoy playing for hours and hours until your phone’s battery will day and you’ll have to go to the supermarket to find a marshmallow to play with.

Final rating: 5 out of 5

Head over to Google Play to download Rise of the Blobs for free!

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