Punch Quest Now Free-to-Play!

Punch Quest is a side-scrolling auto-running action platformer. In the game, your character automatically runs to the right, but there are enemies and monsters that you have to punch to continue moving. It’s a fun fighting game not only because you get to punch stuff while running and platforming like Temple Run, but you can also chain punches together into multi-hit combos and learn new moves to take the baddies down.

That puts Punch Quest one foot into the RPG door. In line with the new pricing model, the game is also being updated for bug fixes and new features. Among the new features advertised are new scary looking snakes and improved abilities to give your runs more variety and make it more fun to hit some ugly looking creatures in the face.


Trust me, Punch Quest is a lot of fun and very addictive. For more information about the game, check out our write up about it here. If you are interested, and have not already purchased the game, you can download it for free now by clicking here.

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