Pokémon GO Review

After years of waiting, Pokémon fans can finally catch Pokémon in their own neighborhoods. But does the game live up to the almost ten year wait?

For many fans, Pokémon GO is a long awaited game. When it finally released July the 6th, it was only released for selected regions. As this was a huge disappointment for fans in regions where the game was not released, many got hold of the game either way. People flocked to the streets to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

First of all, being able to explore your city and catch Pokémon is every Pokémon fan’s dream. The game allows you to catch Pokémon almost everywhere, but you’ll have a greater catch rate in the center of your city. Here you’ll find PokeStops where trainers gather to catch Pokémon. You can even challenge Gyms around town, and even become the leader. The game’s social aspects are almost better than the app itself.

The game is really basic, but still manages to drain your phone’s battery, making the fun last for only 2-3 hours of in-game fun. This was a huge factor for me, since I can’t carry around a charger all the time. Pokémon GO has also had troubles with servers, since the game has been released in additional countries. This is honestly the only negatives with Pokémon GO. The graphics are cool, with an animated, modern design, and the soundtrack and sound effects really puts you back to the good old Pokémon days.

When catching Pokémon, you’ll see them with augmented reality, making it feel more real. As cool as this sounds, it’s definitely not worth the battery drain. Pokémon GO sounds amazing on paper, but Niantic and Nintendo failed massively with their servers. For this game to get a full 5 out of 5, Niantic, the developers behind Pokémon GO, will have to focus more on their servers and the battery drain.

The best part of Pokémon GO, is that everyone is playing it! I see people everywhere trying to catch Pokémon. The Pokémon Trainers I’ve met have been really cool and fun to talk with.

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