Pick a Lock Android Review

Inside every huge triple-A game, there is always a few mini-games that brings back the joy of minimalism. And if you’re an Elder Scrolls fan, then this game is perfect for you. In the Elder Scrolls series, you have to pick a few locks during the game. In this game, that is the main objective. To only pick locks. Sounds fun?

I hesitated to download this game, because it sounded so simple. I have never been so wrong. The game starts out fun and easy, but gets way to difficult at the end. However, challenges are of course only positive, and do know that after some practice you will eventually get better (hopefully).


The game’s controls are simple and works great. Tap to hit the lock tumbler points at the right time. Hit three lock tumblers and the lock will open. Simple, yet difficult. Be careful not to miss the tumbler hit points or you’ll have to start the tumbler sequence again. Each lock has three tumblers to crack, and each tumbler cracked means more hits to get the next one open.

Pick a Lock also has a stylish design that gives the game a ton of plus-points. Every time you pick a lock, the next lock will have to be tapped an extra time to crack. A number under the lock shows how many times you have to this.

Anyways, the game was pretty much mediocre. It wasn’t perfect, neither was it bad. Check out the game for yourself, it’s free!


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