Peter Moorhead’s Murder Android Review

It’s refreshing that videogame developers are finally using videogames as an art: to tell stories.

Peter Moorhead’s Murder, made by Curve Digital is a point-and-click adventure game made for Android. We embark on our journey with the detective Motomeru Minori in Tokyo. Minori investigates a homicide comitted by an android who thinks humans should not be the dominant life form on earth.

Now, you have to be warned. This is not a game with tons of action and puzzles. This game is, and most likely intends to be a way of telling a story. It’s like a movie, just a lot more interactive. A lot of critics are giving this game negative a critic just because it’s short and doesn’t consist of a lot of gameplay. I guess it’s reasonable to be disappointed, but c’mon, this isn’t Call of Duty.

In my opinion, I actually loved this game. I adored its dark interpretation of a futuristic Tokyo. A great soundtrack and its retro feel made this game so great, as well.

Anyways, what do you think? Intrigued? Get the game for $1.49 here!



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