Pac-Man Dash Enlivened By Cookies and Pineapple Tanks

Namco Bandai has just rolled out completely new Pacman called the Pacman Dash for Android. While the original Pacman was more about eating running, Namco Bandai has used the same concept with a modern touch. This time you will find Pacman running around in his pineapple car chomping down cookies in a side-scrolling fashion.

In terms of level design and the overall environment Pacman Dash bears a lot of resemblance to Sonic the Hedghog. Just like those bouncing springs in Sonic the Hedghog you will find the same bouncing pads in Pacman Dash. It was quite refreshing to see Pacman in completely different world.

pac man dash android

You travel through variety of worlds such as Pacman’s platformer House and ghost’s world. On your way you will come across both cookies and ghosts, tap on the screen to hop and devour ghosts and cookies. Apart from your original storyline you will be faced with several other challenges such as consuming more than 300 cookies, doing 40 consecutive jumps etc. Completing these challenges will earn you presents; there is also a purpose for consuming cookies. They serve as a trading item for powerups. Some of the powersups are quite funny. You also have the feature to share your cookies and other items with your friends and family.

One of the unique features of the game includes its social integration. You can share your task by working together and collecting items that alone will take whole lot of time and effort. The game offers pretty challenging yet addictive side-scrolling experience.

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  • Josh January 17, 2014, 6:46 AM

    How do I get the pineapple tank in pac man dash