The Numbers Machine get new multiplayer mode

If you are the kind of person that enjoys math and mathematical puzzles, then are having a blast playing The Number Machine from Drazbedel Games.  Since the game’s released the game was just a single player title, that puts players up against an AI opponent. But all of that  has changed, as the game now have received an update, that finally bring multiplayer into the mix.

The Numbers Machine is about solving mathematical puzzles and equations, players need to properly solve each problem that is presented to them, and you will be timed, so you need to solve them within the time given. So this game is about speed and your ability to quickly solve math problems. Before players were only able to challenge the game’s professor, but now that the update has been released, player can now challenge friends using the same device.



  •  Multiplayer mode to play against other players locally or online
  •  75 levels of play to challenge professor Barberac
  •  5 difficulty levels: school, student, graduate, professor and genius
  •  With Google Play Game Service, over 90 achievements to unlock, 6 different rankings to share and save your progress with Cloud Save
  •  A math game that increase your mental math skills
  •  Graphic content calculated and optimized for each screen definition (SD,HD,4K,..)
  •  Available in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  •  In-app purchase for the Premium Access (removal of advertising and additional options)

Keep in mind that The Numbers Machine is not an easy game, but if you enjoy playing puzzles and solving math problems, then you can download the game from the Google Play Store for free. There is a premium version of the game which costs $2.99, and has no ads.

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