New Screenshots of The Room 3 Emerge Close to Launch

If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you definitely would have heard of The Room series. Developer Fireproof Games has made a cult classic with the original The Room, crafting incredibly inviting puzzle after puzzle to unlock a special box in the room to get the key. It is certainly a way better game than all the free escape room games out there. The Room 2 continued its unique premise and expanded the game to incorporate other devices in the room. It catapulted the series to a high when it launched.

So it is with great anticipation that we await this third iteration of the highly popular puzzle game. According to the developer’s latest Facebook post, they are “making great progress on The Room Three; many bugs have been ironed out and the game is now 100% playable from start to finish with all the puzzles in place.”

It goes on to thank its loyal fanbase for supporting them all these years through its development period. Finally, the post ended with a couple of screenshots, as you can see below:

As you can see, the room looks excellent, and I can already see a couple of complex devices ready to be unlocked.

The game is set to release soon, in the next few months for Android and iOS. For more information on the impending release of The Room 3, stay tuned to Android Entity.

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