New Google Play Music Update adds Youtube Search and more!

It seems like Google Play Music just gets better and better.

Recently, Google Play Music raised their upload limit to 50.000 songs for all their subscribers. That’s a huge number, if you ask me. Today, they also added availability to search for music videos in “search”. This is a great option, since almost every, if not all, music videos are uploaded to YouTube. This is something that most likely have been in Google’s mind since YouTube got the “Music” tab added to the front page.

*You can now also see all albums in My Library without needing to click ‘More’.

*They have also improved the way they handle album art to make the app run more smoothly

The last part is actually quite nice, since I often find my phone bugging a little bit, when I load up the app. A lot of users have also complained about this.


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