Nemo’s Reef Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy

A little while ago we talked about an amazing game from Disney, Nemo’s Reef and today it’s time to get things even more in depth and check out a guide for this game, as well as any Nemo’s Reef cheats that we can find, together with tips & tricks for Nemo’s Reef for a perfect strategy. Because the ocean is huge and there are a ton of things to learn about everything in it!

So let’s check out this article with Nemo’s Reef cheats, tips, tricks and strategy that we stumble upon that don’t require you to mess your device up (none found yet, unfortunately)!

nemos reef cheats

Nemo’s Reef cheats, tips, tricks and strategy

1. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Start by building an Algae Bank

You will need algae to build up your reef, so best thing to do is to start by building this “Algae Bank”: a huge area (start with 10, grow up to 25 or so) of Fan Corals, which produce 2 algae each every 30 seconds. This way, you will stock up Algae pretty quickly, and you will need a ton of them!

2. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Build a Coin Bank too

In order to build those beauties, you will need to have coins. Similar to the Algae Bank, the “Coin Bank” is a big area of Yellow Table plants (15 to 30 should be good) that keep producing a couple of coins every 30 seconds. I know that both “banks” will take up a lot of space, but you will be really happy to have them, especially if you are pretty active with the game.

3. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Don’t Spend your Pearls!

I know that your instinct is to spend Pearls for those hints, but try not to – this guide is a good place to start your search for combinations that will attract good fish and I will post an article soon with all the combos that I found. Instead, save your pearls because there will be missions where you will have to spend a lot of them! So save as much as you can!

4. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Choose the right plants for your play style

Can you stay logged in a lot and tap the screen madly? Then go for smaller plants that are ready quick. If you log in only once or twice per day, a better idea would be to plant and grow the longer plants, because they will give you more goodies per harvest. Ideally, you should have a few fast plants (like the “Banks”) because you never know when you have several minutes to spare in the game…

5. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Be space-effective!

You will start running out of space pretty soon, even though it seems a lot at start. A good strategy is to group plants together, but if you want the looks on your reef, you can mix the 4 square plants with the decorative ones that require just 1 square. But the idea is to not let a single square go to waste, or you will lose coins, XP and ultimately fish!

6. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Rare plants from Mystery seeds SPARKLE

We usually get really disappointed with Mystery Seeds because they give us some pretty crappy plants, but there’s a trick to know if they will yield a rare one: they will sparkle a little. If they do, don’t move them or you will lose the sparkle. However, there’s no way to know what plant or if it will be a rare one and the only thing you can do is to plant a lot and hope for the best!

7. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Save coins and algae

You don’t really know how true this is until you get to the higher levels where you have to “feed” a plant 2,000 algae each time. So make sure you stockpile on gold and algae, because you will have to spend tens of thousands (if not more) to keep going!

8. Nemo’s Reef cheats – Take Your Time!

There is no real need to rush things over, just keep playing and enjoy the game and pretty soon you will have an amazing reef that your friends will love.

And these are our Nemo’s Reef tips, tricks and strategies that we have to offer. Let us know if you have any other tips to share with fellow players, I am sure they will be appreciated! And come soon on Android Entity for out guide to plant and corral combinations to bring in as many fishes, guests as possible!

UPDATE: And we have published the Nemo’s Reef combinations article to help you bring in more fish!

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  • Cornelia September 1, 2016, 2:26 AM

    How can I buy some more reef?

  • PepperAnn0120 March 6, 2016, 2:13 PM

    I’m about to hit level 27. I noticed some of my friends at lower levels have the yellow octopus but I do not, I have the red one. When will it come? I have lots of plants to collect from. I made patches of plants you get high algae and sand dollars from, so come visit me! Add me, I play MANY times a day and love Co op quests. I have lots of combination fish and guests/friends if any one needs any advice. I also just switched phones and was able to restore my reef if anyone needs help with that just ask. Reply with your used I’d and I’ll add you. Add me too please I visit my friends daily so we both get rewarded! My reef name is PepperAnn0120

  • lynette January 13, 2016, 3:46 PM

    I’m not happy with this game ,I’m at level37 and no epic fish since I started it is the second time playing nemo this time on a bigger screen , remember the old chest ect. That was my first nemo game and the other point is it if you can have more rewardsyou cam earn ,and do something about the chests that they can help more with pearls alga.sandd. rare plants is also a problem you plant a lot of different seed just to have a triplicate of it come on ,lot of flaws in this game

  • annette October 11, 2015, 3:46 PM

    How can I get it together sunset cup patch?? I tried find other plant to get it together but nope all of that different plant?! Pls help

    • PepperAnn0120 March 6, 2016, 2:14 PM

      You posted this awhile ago, did you figure it out?

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    I am sending you this message in hopes that you will not reveal to the group or administrators of the NEMO’S REEF iOS/ANDROID FRIENDS & COOPS.
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    I found it helpful. I did not know about the spacing or feeding plants alge. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Cindy February 14, 2014, 9:33 AM

    Orange sea pen + orange tube sponge= 1 zoom in fish
    Yellow table plant + rock + red branches = 2 different smaller zoom in fish.
    Sea bush + violet marines hub = 1 zoom in fish
    Red carripians + lilac carripians (next to each other) = red octopus.

  • aly February 13, 2014, 2:14 PM

    Rose barrel+mauve bell sea pen!!!

  • Texashug October 28, 2013, 10:27 PM

    Yellow bell sea pen and yellow small grass and small shell is a combination for more fish

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