Motorola to reveal new 4G LTE phone on August 10th (Update)

Update: Turns out this is nothing but a Facebook game as a spokesperson for Motorola spoke out about the Facebook post. A quote from Becki Leonard the Motorola spokesperson said, “We’re sorry for the confusion, but it’s a Facebook game asking people to guess a current smartphone and not meant to come across as a new phone.” This update might sadden some customers as the wait for the new RAZR HD could have ended by the end of the week, but for now fans will continue to hope that those leaked photos that surfaced will result in an official announcement of the anticipated handset.

Motorola is being a tease. The phone maker took to its Facebook page and is teasing a new device that will be revealed by the end of the week. Motorola will be giving one clue every day on its Facebook up to the official reveal. This is the first hint: “I have the power of 4G LTE. Which smartphone am I?”

The phone will most likely be the RAZR HD as leaked photos of the device have been making rounds around the web. There have been rumors to what the phone’s specs will be like but now all those rumors and talks can be solidified this Friday. With phones like the Atrix HD and Photon Q already out from Motorola what else could be next? With all the rumors, pictures and speculations the RAZR HD seems to be the likely victim.

Stick to Motorola’s Facebook page for the daily clues and the big reveal on Friday.

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