Mimpi to be Released on Android Before Christmas

Where I come from, Mimpi means “dream”. In the world of mobile games though, Mimpi is a platformer featuring a very cute and fluffy white dog. The game, developed by Silicon Jelly and published by Crescent Moon Games, has been out on iOS for a few weeks now, and have garnered some high ratings and praise. We at Android Entity have been waiting for a sign that the game will come to Android devices and finally we hear something.

Speaking to PocketGamer, the chief producer of the game mentioned that they are hard at work at porting the game to various platforms including Android. He said, “Mac is coming very soon and Android and game stick will follow before Christmas. Then there is PC and Linux in the queue.” So if you have been reading iOS reviews and wondering if you will see this turn up on your Android device, this should make you very happy indeed. Check out their release trailer:

The game features Mimpi, a white terrier, who sets out to find his boy owner after some strange events changed the world to a darker and creepy tone. Ironically though, the developers have made use of some very clever colors and dreamy graphics to accomplish that. What they did made the game a unique and memorable puzzle platforming experience that you should not miss. So be sure to check this site for a more concrete release date in the coming weeks.

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