Major Magnet: Arcade Swings into the Google Play Store

Fans of Sonic will be glad to see another of its kind come to Android devices this time around. Major Magnet: Arcade, a colourful Sonic-ish 2D arcade platformer, has just been released on the Google Play Store for free! To download the game, click here.

Major Magnet launched for Apple mobile devices last year and developer PagodaWest Games have just gotten around to porting it to Android. The game may look like Sonic, but it plays using only one input control. Your character swings around using the magnetic force to catapult from one point to the next, and all you have to do is tap once to release him to the next point. During gameplay, you also collect valuable coins.

The game boasts 75 new stages across 3 different worlds. That already sounds like a lot of content for a free game. In addition, Facebook and leaderboards are integrated to allow for competition and highscores.

For more information on the game, watch the launch trailer below:


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