Logo Quiz – Music Bands / Bands Logos Quiz Pop Answers

The second level of the Android game Logo Quiz – Music Bands / Bands Logos Quiz is Pop and I am here to share with you all the correct answers for the Pop level of the game. We have 20 logos to guess and even though Pop is not my strong genre when it comes to music, I have managed to decipher many of the logos here and I am sharing them with you in this walkthrough to Bands Logos Quiz Pop Answers.

So here is the solution to Logo Quiz – Music Bands / Bands Logos Quiz Pop Answers:

1. Gothic letters G and C: Good Charlotte
2. SIM and LAN: Simple Plan
3. BB in a circle: Abba
4. DY GA and the silhouette of a woman: Lady Gaga
5: 5 silhouettes in red: The Temptations
6: Big W letter: Weezer
7: Two M letters: MGMT
8: A yellow devil: Jamiroquai
9: *NSY: Nsync
10: M OO 5: Maroon5 (without a space!)
11: W m!: Wham!
12: Orange-yellow letters GEN (looks like “sex” too): Genesis
13: Cr…. C…rwater Revi…L: Creedence Clearwater Revival
14: a big circle and letters RS: The Corrs
15: Black silhouette: Michael Jackson
16: Justin Bieber
17: P! : Pink
18: LL F RTAd: Nelly Furtado
19: U 4: UB40 (even through the correct answer will show it as uD40)
20: CHR AA ERA: Christina Aguilera

And these are the 20 correct answers for the pop level of Logo Quiz – Music Bands / Bands Logos Quiz game for Android devices. Pretty soon, I will upload the video walkthrough as well.

Don’t forget to check out the rock answers in case you can’t find all the logos and stay tuned for even more!

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