League of Heroes Review

League of Heroes, it may sound like you’re playing a game with a bunch of Super heroes in it. But that’s far from it.  This is an arcade, action, RPG game. That looks beautiful and fun to play. And I’m surprised that a good looking game such as this is actually free, and finally on the Android.

Wasting no time at all, you’re at a black screen and listening to voice asking you questions, about being a hero. And that voice almost sounds like a Sir Sean Connery, I said almost. Then you start off in the village of Frognest, and then you go through a little tutorial, fight off some enemies in the village, buy stuff like a new sword and a bucket for a helmet, and then start you off in your quest. And now your real adventure begins. As you are doing all this you will notice that right off the bat is how visually stunning the game looks, and it just looks great, the village looks alive and people speak to you in short sentences though, but still it nice to hear the voices as you interact with people from the village. It’s hard to believe that this is a mobile game; it looks good enough to be played on a console.

league of heroes review

Now before you start going on quests, take the time to interact with everyone in the village, and get to know everyone there. When you do finally do your quest you will be taken to a beautiful, hand drawn, colorful, rich, stunning, 2D, overview, detailed landscape. You move around the area (stage) killing enemies. Now mind you there is no map, you’ll find the enemies by following the small skull icon on the screen. And I might add just like the landscape, the enemies look great too. Anyhow you are also collecting experience points and coins, and when you’ve killed all the enemies the stage is cleared.  And end up back at the village to take on new quests. You have 3 types of quests in the game, you have the New Adventure which is basic quest, and then you have the boss fights. Now in order for you to fight a boss, you need an experience level that is required for example if the experience level required is 5 you need to bring your character to level 5. And even if you have the required level you may also need to bring your strength up or whatever requirement is needed it will let you know before fighting a boss. If you don’t pass a boss fight when the time comes, you will not gain any experience until you do so. And I am also happy to say that the bosses look great, and the fights are fun to play. Daily event pretty much play out as your basic quest. Then you have your side quests which require you to do stuff while playing the basic quest, such as collecting branches, or killing a certain enemy like kill 10 Banshees and get 20 diamonds as a reward, to opening treasure chests.

Controls are pretty basic on the lower left of the screen acts like a D-pad for your hero to move and on the lower right you have an action button, which is used to attack or use to talk to people. The controls are solid most of the time, but I’ve notice a few times not very often that it tends to be unresponsive. Other than that controls for the game are okay. And if you leave our hero idle for a few seconds he will say some comments such as; “What”, or “Take your time”, or “So…should I just stand here” and he will not stop until you move him. The music sounds great, and the sound effects as well as the voices are top-notch and amazing, it gives an added bonus to the game.

A great added feature in the League of Heroes game is, and I found this so cool, the real-life weather effects; it just blew my mind away I love it. Depending on the location you’re in, take for instance, if it rains where you are, it will rain in the game, and if its night time, like when I was playing the game, it will be night time in the game too. I really did like that feature in the game.

My one minor problem about this game, is that doing quests, does take energy, but not much though (thank goodness) just one unit is used to do basic quests. Daily events and boss fight will take up three units of energy. Now even though it is a minor problem it did not kill the overall wonderful experience of playing this game. I was still able to do a lot of quests and side-missions.

Overall, League of Heroes is just an amazing game to play. It’s a mobile game that should not be passed up or over looked. This is a very highly addicting game with tons of stuff to do, so many collectables to collect and a lot of items to buy. And leveling-up is so much fun to do. You can easily put a lot of hours into this game. With beautiful solid, stunning visuals, and top-notch music, effects, and sound, makes League of Heroes a must play. Download it from the google play store today.

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