Kiwi Dash Review

I have played and a reviewed a lot of endless runner games, since I joined the Android Entity. Some endless games are good and some are bad. And my latest entry of an endless runner to be reviewed is simply titled Kiwi Dash. So does Gamevil’s latest endless runner a hit or is it just another frustrating game? Please read on fellow gamers.

When I first played Temple Run I have to admit I never thought that I would be so addicted to an endless runner game. And there are a few games that I have reviewed in the past, that are still on my Android device, that I still even play today. What developers have to know is that if an endless runner game is done right, it will be an instant hit with gamers. Thankfully Gamevil’s Kiwi Dash is done right for the most part. It is cute (which can be very appealing for the kids), it looks very sharp, its very accessible, and its over all it just a fun game to play.

You play as an amusing, animated, flightless Kiwi, yes I am talking about the bird not the fruit, the bird is so cute to make you smile. In Kiwi Dash you have two simple controls; on the lower left of your screen, you have jump, and holding the jump button will make your Kiwi bird jump higher, and on the lower right of your screen you have a dash button. When you tap the dash button, you will be able to smash into obstacles and as well as enemies.


Unfortunately anything more than light hops will consume energy, and the less stamina one has the more likely the Kiwi bird doth die. Whilst this is all going on Kiwi has to collect fruit and aim to pick up energy refills, all of which are only slightly beneficial.

One cool thing instead of collecting the usual coins, to buy your boosters or power-ups, you are collecting kiwi fruits. After collecting so many kiwi’s I really felt like going to the store and purchasing some.

The downside I have about this game is boost and power-ups are so expensive. And some of the power-ups and booster don’t seem like they are worth spend your hard earn kiwi’s on. When I spent 1500 kiwi on the ‘kiwi doubler’ I felt cheated because when I used it, it did not make a difference. Now I have probably spend over 48 hours playing this game and I still don’t have enough to purchase a new kiwi bird that will give you a different set of attributes. I wish that other developers can do something different with endless runner games

The daily and weekly challenges are somewhat intriguing for those with time on their hands, with un-lockable prizes for those keen to keep coming back. Alongside this there are a mixed bag of challenges to keep the game fresh; such as collecting 200 kiwi fruits or achieving a certain distance.

Despite its one minor flaw Kiwi Dash is a solid endless runner, that is fun yet strangely addictive to play. You can find Kiwi Dash free at the Google Play Store. Have fun and Happy Gaming Gamers.


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