Iconmania Level 11 Answers, 386 – 392 (Icomania Level 11 Answers)

And finally, we’re back with the last set of answers for Iconmania level 11, the answers for puzzles number 386 to 392. It’s been probably the most interesting and difficult level so far, so it was hard to get all the answers done, but I hope we managed to do it in a timely fashion and you will find these Icomania answers extremely useful.

If you need help with the other puzzles of level 11, you can check out the Iconmania Level 11 Part 1 answers here and Part 2 here. Now have fun completing all the puzzles of this level with our Iconmania Level 11 answers for puzzle 386 – 392.

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 386

iconmania answer level 11 386

Answer: Borat

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 387

iconmania answer level 11 387

Image: A guy with mustache and red bowtie (Brand)
Answer: Pringles

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 388

iconmania answer level 11 388

Image: A 6 and the shadow of a man (TV & Movies)
Answer: The Sixth Sense

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 389

iconmania answer level 11 389

Answer: Streisand

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 390

iconmania answer level 11 390

Image: A guy in a coliseum holding a sword (TV & Movies)
Answer: Gladiator

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 391

iconmania answer level 11 391

Image: A grey-haired guy holding his hand on his head (TV & Movies)
Answer: Columbo

Iconmania Answers: Level 11 – 392

iconmania answer level 11 392

Image: An imposing cathedral with 4 towers (City)
Answer: Barcelona

And this is it! We have finally completed the Iconmania level 11 and we’re ready to move on to the next level. I really hope that you found our answers helpful!

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