Hot! Iconmania Cheats: Level 3, 47 – 64 Answers (Icomania Answers)

Welcome back to a new set of Iconmania cheats providing you with Iconmania answers for level 3 puzzles, from 47 to 64, showing you exactly what the zany images actually mean and helping you move forward in this extremely addictive game!

Please have in mind that my Icomania answers for level 3, 47 – 64 are in a different order from those in your game, but all the level 3 images are the same so you just have to look through all of them to find out what you are looking for. And if you need even more help, check out our Icomania Level 1 answers, Iconmania Level 2 answers and keep an eye on all the answers for this great game!

Iconmania Level 3 – 47 answer

iconmania answer level 47

Image: A bullet
Answer: The Matrix

Iconmania Level 3 – 48 answer

iconmania answer level 48

Answer: Rio de Janeiro

Iconmania Level 3 – 49 answer

iconmania answer level 49

Answer: Rome

Iconmania Level 3 – 50 answer

iconmania answer level 50

Image: A big boulder and a hand holding a whip
Answer: Indiana Jones

Iconmania Level 3 – 51 answer

iconmania answer level 51

Answer: Chrome

Iconmania Level 3 – 52 answer

iconmania answer level 52

Image: A person with the Facebook logo instead of face
Answer: Zuckerberg

Iconmania Level 3 – 53 answer

iconmania answer level 53

Image: A black car with a red line on it (TV & Movies)
Answer: Knight Rider

Iconmania Level 3 – 54 answer

iconmania answer level 54

Answer: Superman

Iconmania Level 3 – 55 answer

iconmania answer level 55

Answer: Pacman

Iconmania Level 3 – 56 answer

iconmania answer level 56

Image: Red bar that looks like upside down crown (Brand)
Answer: Levis

Iconmania Level 3 – 57 answer

iconmania answer level 57

Image: Something that looks like a grey spiral and a white circle in the middle (TV & Movies)
Answer: James Bond

Iconmania Level 3 – 58 answer

iconmania answer level 58

Answer: Visa

Iconmania Level 3 – 59 answer

iconmania answer level 59

Image: A blue circle
Answer: Skype

Iconmania Level 3 – 60 answer

iconmania answer level 60

Image: Black bar above an orange bar with yellow eyes (Character)
Answer: Mickey Mouse

Iconmania Level 3 – 61 answer

iconmania answer level 61

Answer: Las Vegas

Iconmania Level 3 – 62 answer

iconmania answer level 62

Answer: San Francisco

Iconmania Level 3 – 63 answer

iconmania answer level 63

Answer: Scream

Iconmania Level 3 – 64 answer

iconmania answer level 64

Answer: A Team

And this is it! We have completed the first part of the third level in Icomania and I am sure that these answers have helped you a lot, since there were some really difficult images here (and more are about to come). So check out the link at the beginning for all the Iconmania answers if you need more help!


  1. Thanks for the cheat! however I do have an icon from level 3 that is not on your list – it’s a blue background with a big smile across it with razor sharp teeth. Category TV&movies letters: D n n m i i n e g f y i o f. Do you know what it might be? :)

  2. I have a picture with a blue background and a red shield
    do you know this one?

  3. I have a red background and a white shield,

  4. Yellow shield*

  5. Character catagory with pipe and pointed hat.? Luafannjfvxgyd

  6. There is one not on your list. It is an island with what looks like a huge boat sail on it. It is a city and the letters are w n u b a i f o p d

  7. a brand and the picture shows a yellow arrow

  8. @ kori Dubai

  9. Charters

    From Piret of the carribean

  10. This one isn’t AT The list :
    Level 3
    Tv & movie
    a picture of a gun
    Letters: ekbabio jnsnmlc


  11. Hi Romy, it’s me in black

  12. Men in black

  13. This one isn’t on the list
    Picture with a tower and then flags all around it

  14. what is the brand in level 3 with a wave over tha letter A? please help

    i have one that’s a brand.
    the background is white and theres a yellow/orange thing that looks like a smile?
    letters are F,V,O,V,K,B,N,W,Z,M,O,B,A,A.

  16. Famous person
    Short brown hair with a long brown fringe
    Help please

  17. That’s AMAZON


  18. @ali

    Justin Bieber

  19. Tv and movies
    Gun/drill type thing
    3 words

  20. @ Ali men in black

  21. Pink background with white w


  22. help me, its a island with a building in the shape of a knife on it.

  23. This only isnt in the list
    Its this shape with red, blue, orange, yellow in it

  24. What is the brand with a red,blue, yellow, & green on it? They are shapes & the blue one has a small rectangle pointed up on it and the green one has a small rectangle pointing down from it. The letters are ovhbyvwamxddaxe

  25. A red w up at the top

  26. Tanner it is Wilson

  27. Red background with a white W at the top?

  28. Wilson !

  29. Character:

    A figure with a red and yellow shawl around the neck.
    number 140.

    We can’t Find it in the Lists.

  30. Picture 140 is a figure with a red and yellow shawl, bedes 9 letters.

    The letter we have are NRRIEGOBEHELMD.

    WE think this is a typical American character, we’re living in the netherlands.
    We appriciate you help.

  31. It’s blue and has sharp teeth
    What is it

  32. I have what looks like Tetris, a green T and a white background with the letters: e I s m t t o k u p r a l t

  33. That’s not what I asked

  34. The pic with the blue shark smiling is “Finding Nemo”

  35. Level 4 little ring necklace around neck what is it

    • Check out all our answers to find out what you are looking for (click the “all the answers” link in the intro paragraph for all the levels.)

  36. i have one with a whit background it has jx and a peguin and its a brand idk what it is help me?

  37. I have the letter a in red with a black background and it has something gray on the top.And it’s a brand

  38. I have a yellow arrow and IT looks like a smile

  39. This one isn’t on the list
    Picture with a tower and then flags all around it

  40. My level 3-54 is different. Mine is like a shield and a red background

  41. I have one that is not on the list and it’s
    white background
    has a design of different colors on it
    letters are-geynbgabcaaqzg

    please help thanks!

  42. I’m stuck on with a red and blue background and a long yellow thing going up….Its a character andwhatever it is, is four letters
    Letters:BQSNEar hqltiuu

  43. @Christine that’s “bart”

  44. I can’t find level 3-66 it’s a white background and orange smile. It’s support to be a brand.~ please

  45. Help please it’s a white background with a red s symbol & a blue s symbol it’s a brand 6 letters

  46. What is the yellow tower with flags Around it? Help!!!!!!

  47. Well you guys didn’t have one of them .. It’s on on the iPhone with a white background with an orange smile ..

  48. Jason the answer is………. AMAZON

  49. Hi u have all the stuff I need except this it’s a little island with a stature would u kindly tells what it is plz

  50. Sun glaces with red point ?

  51. I need help.. It’s a brand.. Red background with a yellow shield thing … It’s seven letters long

  52. Please the 60 of the Level 3 !!

  53. coolioyoungandfree

    Whats the answer for the with the big red capital ‘A’?

  54. coolioyoungandfree

    What’s the answer for the one with the big capital ‘a’?

  55. Need help the is a big red (m) plz I need help quick

  56. I have a BRAND that has a white “w” and the background color is red

    the letters are: L i y u n p w s o e p l w j

  57. grace is Wilson

    who can help me the character pirates of carebean who knows him?

  58. @hasan it’s jack sparrow

  59. Level 3 question 51.
    White background covered in a grid with 3 of the squares colored in fluoro green, in an angle shape, many thanks

  60. Level 3-54 a character looks like a female cartoon brown animal with a pink butterfly on its ear help plz n thank u

  61. Letters are mbbpiezteiikac n its 5 letters long

  62. Brand upside down blue e

  63. Zebra it’s bambi

  64. Zena sry auto correct

  65. White “W” on red background? And black car with a little red stripe?

  66. There is this one with a big tower surrounded by flags and it is a city does anyone know what it is

  67. Hi there is one that isn’t on your list its a w on what looks to be a red flag? Please can any one help???

  68. Hey guys, I’ve got one with a black background and black glasses with in the right one a kind of red circle with yellow on the inside , can somebody help me ? :)

  69. Hey, does anyone know what the blue “ē” on a white back ground is? _ _ s _ _ _

    The letters are cecdsznvlejwtq

  70. I really need help with a little character brown hair female (I think) orange hood orange back ground! Letters

  71. hey,I’ve tv & movie black background with a black sunglasses with a dot ?

  72. I got sunglasses and a red laser dot thing on the right glass.has Anyone any ideas?

  73. I have one that is red back ground yellow shield anyhelp?

    • I think Tyler you are looking for ferrari? :-)

      Does anyone know what the round top wirey tower is? It looks like the top of an olympic torch. For me it’s level 3 #74. It’s a 7 letter city.
      Sorry to ask but everytime I click on any of the links at the beginning of the paragraph I just keep getting different sites trying to sell me something. It’s actually quite frustrating.
      Can you look into this pls. Thanks

  74. I need help with lev 5 yellow backround top hat with 1 red stripe white glasses

  75. Please help with brown haired yellow cloaked character!

  76. I need help with a tv and moves, it’s got buildings with grey leave type trees in background, anyone?

  77. Iona it is debai

  78. Black background with black glasses and a laser dot or something…please help me!!! ……….

  79. What is the won where it is a smile in orange level 3

  80. What is the one with aviators and an airplane? Blue background?

  81. Hey what’s the one with a red green and yellow hat.. the yellow part is a symbol or design.. it’s a Movie..

  82. I Have a Red Background, & a Big W On It. 6 Letters

  83. nel van laaren

    brand T-mobile is wrong!!!

  84. I like your website its very helpFul But it’s also very very conFusing. If you have comment after comment on hiw this pic isn’t on the list I r not all are there and u yave to comment the Link to where the other third or half of the list is then I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s confused

  85. @pop-pop its ray ban

  86. @synthea it might be Wilson

  87. @chuckie its nestle

  88. @iona i think it might be Dubai

  89. @dana it might be Linux

  90. @jill might be Tetris

  91. @luke it might be eBay

  92. @tanner might be audi

  93. @ana i need more info but it might be Frodo or Lisa

  94. @rita i think it is hermione from harry potter

  95. Pair of sun glasses and an aeroplane. Help please

  96. guys help me wid a logo here. its a tail of a deer with a pink butterfly sitting on it. any answers to this?????

  97. We stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I
    may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.

    Look forward to looking over your web page repeatedly.

  98. i dont know what logo is it this is have
    two letters this letter is W AND m and it have like sun on the top i dont know what is it please help me guys im on level 3

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