Hot! Iconmania Answers: Level 5, Puzzle 130 – 148 (Icomania Answers)

We’re continuing today our trip through Icomania, finding out the answers for all the photos in the game. We’re checking out the Iconmania answers for Level 5 today, puzzles 130 to 148, which are half of the puzzles to guess in this level.

Please have in mind that the images in this level are randomized for each user, but they are all the same, so if you don’t find your answer here, make sure to check out our entire archive of Iconmania answers and you will surely find yours!

Now let’s check out the Icomania answers for level 5, puzzle 130 – 148 below!

Iconmania Level 5 – 130 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 130

Image: A high hat and white glasses (Character)
Answer: Scrooge McDuck

Iconmania Level 5 – 131 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 131

Image: A guy smoking a cigar (Famous people)
Answer: Bill Clinton

Iconmania Level 5 – 132 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 132

Image: A rambo looking guy, long hair and red bandana (Famous People)
Answer: Stallone

Iconmania Level 5 – 133 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 133

Image: A black guy with a goatee and sunglasses (Famous People)
Answer: Kanye West

Iconmania Level 5 – 134 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 134

Answer: Garfield

Iconmania Level 5 – 135 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 135

Image: Some columns (City)
Answer: Athens

Iconmania Level 5 – 136 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 136

Image: A white mountain and some brown horns (TV & Movies)
Answer: Titanic

Iconmania Level 5 – 137 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 137

Image: A white A on a red background (Brand)
Answer: Adobe

Iconmania Level 5 – 138 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 138

Image: A mermaid on a rock (TV & Movies)
Answer: Ariel

Iconmania Level 5 – 139 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 139

Answer: Tom Jerry

Iconmania Level 5 – 140 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 140

Answer: Germany

Iconmania Level 5 – 141 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 141

Image: The most powerful man on Earth, he whom you never make fun of
Answer: Chuck Norris

Iconmania Level 5 – 142 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 142

Image: A Guy in green smoking a cigar
Answer: Fidel Castro

Iconmania Level 5 – 143 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 143

Image: Black background, pars of letters “n” visible and a red o (Brand)
Answer: Canon

Iconmania Level 5 – 144 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 144

Answer: Barbie

Iconmania Level 5 – 145 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 145

Answer: United Kingdom

Iconmania Level 5 – 146 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 146

Image: A green background and yellow lines, something that looks like II (Brand)
Answer: BP

Iconmania Level 5 – 147 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 147

Answer: Dumbo

Iconmania Level 5 – 148 answer

iconmania answer level 5 puzzle 148

Image: Something that looks like black bullets on grey background (Brand)
Answer: Blackberry

And these are the answers for the first puzzles of level 5 in Icomania! Stay tuned for even more answers to the Icomania puzzles, here on Android Entity!


  1. On level 5 there is a girl catagory is character and she has on a maroon scarf with yellow strips and brown hair who is she her name has 8 letters

  2. Hermione

  3. i have the ‘ CO’ LOGO IT IS IN ORANGE, 11 LETTERS HELP PLS.

  4. Continental

  5. What’s the black shaded in D in a white circle with a yellow back round. HELP


  7. The letter clue to puzzle was put in wrong space……game over for me since you can’t proceed without solving puzzle at hand. That sucks!! No way to solve.

  8. What’s the blue brand with a ‘g’ and a windows cleaner thing?

  9. @jeroen
    The man with the sunglasses is marilyn manson!

  10. Brand somthing green pleas help

  11. What is the white background with the @ symbol in blue?

  12. A person with on her head a Facebook image

  13. The person with the f face is zuckerberg

  14. Its a yellow c with a small yellow o inside it on a black backround
    plz help?!?!?!!!??!?!

  15. A black background with a bull in a yellow triangle

  16. @ kimico


  17. Een rol tape, een touw en een mesje. In de categorie : tv/film. Iemand? Tnx!

  18. Pascal-maurice Pas

    A guy looks Like Mel Gibson grey background goatie?

  19. White background, looks like two blue block d’s facing each other. 5 letters.

  20. @ jessica dolby

  21. Pink background, a guy with brown hair and an blue ribbon round his neck … 3 letter word … Level 5 … Somebody please … Im stuck :-(

  22. Does anyone know the answer to the ”famous people” girl, with wrinkles, brown short hair, white necklace and a purple/blue shirt? Please help me out. 12 letters. akligalrmgneee

  23. help! I’m stuck on a man with short black hair with a brownish coloured glasses also with a grey background. He has small lips? Plz help

  24. What land is the red back ground with a black bull cut in pieces

  25. I’m stuck on a famous person who has black hair and a space in his teeth. Do any of you know it?

  26. Plz help!
    A man with long brown hair and a white skin
    He’swearing a suit and has a veard and moustache

  27. @April may
    It is swartzenegger

  28. @Rod8
    I think its spain

  29. @rod8 I’m stuck there too, does anyone know what it is? It’s not spain

  30. Grijze achtergrond, een witte streep in het midden en erachter een oranje ding met zwarte dunne strepen; 14 letters. Iemand die het weet?

  31. The bull is Argentina

  32. Does anyone know what the anwser is clue is character and it shows an animal like a pig or more like pumba from te lion king 3letters

  33. One with a knife, tape and a rope or wire

  34. I have a guy with dark hair and 3 gray stripes on both sides of his hair and he has a light mustache! Black blazer, white collar shirt.

  35. Level 141 girl actress blonde hair starts with a j!?! Help…!

  36. Who is the actress with dark hair pink backround? Level 145.

  37. What actress with blonde hair with 8 letters in her name & the first letter is C ?

  38. Level 141 answer actress that starts with j is jessica

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