Hot! Iconmania Answers: Level 4, 83 – 100 (Icomania Answers)

We’re getting ready to hit a milestone here with our Iconmania answers as with this article we’ll hit the number #100 image answered correctly and 100 pictures since we help you get past stumbling blocks and continue guessing. So in this article we’ll check out the Icomania Answers for level 4, puzzles 83 to 100. That’s a lot of levels!

Please have in mind that the images in each level are randomized for each player, but they are the same eventually, so simply look for the right one in our Iconmania answer articles and you will surely find what you’re looking for! Now let’s check out the Icomania answers for level 4, from 83 to 100!

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 83

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 83

Answer: Canada

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 84

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 84

Answer: Linux

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 85

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 85

Image: A person with a brown mask (Character)
Answer: Hannibal

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 86

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 86

Image: A woman in black dress with a syringe in her heart area (TV & Movies)
Answer: Pulp Fiction

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 87

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 87

Image: Dollar signs and 11 in red color (TV & Movies)
Answer: Oceans Eleven

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 88

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 88

Image: A green monster (BRAND)
Answer: Doodle Jump

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 89

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 89

Answer: USA

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 90

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 90

Answer: China

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 91

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 91

Answer: PSY

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 92

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 92

Image: Sun glasses with a target on one eye (Character)
Answer: Terminator

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 93

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 93

Answer: FILA

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 94

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 94

Answer: Frodo

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 95

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 95

Answer: Michael Jackson

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 96

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 96

Answer: Suzuki

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 97

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 97

Answer: Walle

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 98

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 98

Answer: Spongebob

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 99

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 99

Image: A blue e with a blue line over (Brand)
Answer: Nestle

Iconmania answers: Level 4 – 100

iconmania answer level 4 puzzle 100

Image: Pair of glasses and airplane (Brand)
Answer: Ray Ban

And this is it! We have now completed the first part of the 4th level in Icomania, and the answers here will hopefully provide you with enough fuel to keep you going. We’ll see you soon with the second part of the answers, so make sure to check back for the Icomania cheats & Answers!


  1. I got one that is a city and it is a blue backround and there is a white building with columns and a weird thing at the top

  2. WIAT I have one that is guy clothes, like a blue stripped shirt and khakis with women in the background…help?

  3. Its charlie sheen from 2 and a half man!

  4. Brown horse tv & movies help please

  5. Green symbol white background brand 12 letters _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ please help

  6. tO aDDIE…. DUBAI

  7. Help. I have a brand. White background with a black o


  9. I have a famous person two words level 4 stage 94 and have no idea what the answer is. Black profile with red star on forehead. Please help

  10. @ Brittany the horse is Troy. I think

  11. It has a blue back ground with a gray building and gray columns and a green thing on top help me please

  12. I have one its a blue building with columns and it has tiny green things on top ??????
    Help please! :)

  13. @ Brittany its Sony ericsson with the green circle

  14. Famous person: Dark background, brown hair and beard with a white shirt/robe. Any ideas

  15. I have a famous person who has glass that may be ray-bans, small pink lips, and is very pale. The background is light bluish-grey.

  16. A yellow circle with red horn like things

  17. Big L in a circle help plz

  18. Brand with the red horns is Red bull

  19. Help me!
    I have a movie & tv and it is yellow on the left and black on the right, In the middle something like blood or red paint…

    Thanks! x

  20. Big l is lexus

  21. THE movie with yellow and black is kill Bill

  22. Yellow background with red on top looks like a k

  23. It’s a brand.

  24. Help i have tv an movies: a city with some kind of cloud or avalanche, light blue background

  25. i got one. with a gunshot or something .with a bullet

  26. I have a black iconmania that looks like batman with a gold and red eye looking thing. it’s a TV and movie and have 14 letters any ideas?

  27. I have this woman dressed in blue show girl clothes and it says its a country.. Help!

  28. @Matti godzilla

  29. I have a space thing in outer space and its from tv and movies please help !! :)

  30. Idk the city one with like a building of some sort plain blue sky pretty circular building

  31. @greg the city is Seattle

  32. I got one of a showgirl its blue and its a country

  33. I have tv&mvies and its grey buildings with leavey tree type background , anyone know?

  34. Half white, half blue. Blue side has white “N” Brand

  35. @ teri the answer is Nivea

  36. White background famous people black hair white skin and black sun glasses plzzzzz helpppp!!!!!!!!!

  37. Long black hair

  38. I have a a city, with like grey brown spikes with a blue backround

  39. Who is the person that is black and with a red dot in the middle

  40. I have a picture of a black car with a red stripe on it or something, anybody??

  41. Tiffbug answer is star trek

  42. A dark green circle with a small light green circle inside split diagonally ish its in brand does anyone know wat this is?

  43. What is the number 86 ?! HELP !

  44. White guy with glasses is bill gates!!’

  45. in cant noy find the number 99 at 4 somebody want the help

  46. in cant not find the number 99 level 4 quelqun want please helo me !!!! :)

  47. I have one with a wooden horse 4 letters and is in catagory TV and movies
    Help please tjanks

  48. Please help. What is the blue brand looks like an a in the middle

  49. Tower with a spike on top and its seven letters. m S E A L T T Z E

  50. I have a penguin with half of a U and next to it an X

  51. I’m stuck. Black dude with braids/dreds with sunglasses, blue shirt gold chain. Level 4. the blanks fit “snoop dogg” but that’s not it!!!

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