Hot! Iconmania Answers: Level 3, 65 – 82 Answers (Icomania Cheats)

It’s time to move forward and complete Level 3 in Icomania with the help of these Iconmania answers for level 3, 65 – 82. Basically, when we’re done, we will have completed almost 100 puzzles and guessed just as many famous brands, characters or movies. But things are getting more and more difficult as we proceed!

But let’s not complain because these Icomania answers will help you solve everything, as we have the visual image and in some cases text descriptions to help you find what you are looking for. The thing is that in Icomania, the images are random per each level, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, make sure to also check out the first part of Level 3.

Also, visit the next link for all the Iconmania answers (all the way to LEVEL 10 and more with future updates!) as well as Level 1 and Level 2 complete guides!

Iconmania Level 3 – 65 Answer

icomania answers level 65

Image: Yellow shield on red square (BRAND)
Answer: Ferrari

Iconmania Level 3 – 66 Answer

icomania answers level 66

Image: A pink butterfly on a tail (Character)
Answer: Bambi

Iconmania Level 3 – 67 Answer

icomania answers level 67

Answer: Justin Bieber

Iconmania Level 3 – 68 Answer

icomania answers level 68

Answer: Ebay

Iconmania Level 3 – 69 Answer

icomania answers level 69

Image: A set of huge teeth on a blue background (TV & Movies)
Answer: Finding Nemo

Iconmania Level 3 – 70 Answer

icomania answers level 70

Answer: Tetris

Iconmania Level 3 – 71 Answer

icomania answers level 71

Image: A huge tower on an island (City)
Answer: Dubai

Iconmania Level 3 – 72 Answer

icomania answers level 72

Answer: Bart

Iconmania Level 3 – 73 Answer

icomania answers level 73

Answer: Jack Sparrow

Iconmania Level 3 – 74 Answer

icomania answers level 74

Image: White W on red background
Answer: Wilson

Iconmania Level 3 – 75 Answer

icomania answers level 75

Image: A red A on black background
Answer: AUDI

Iconmania Level 3 – 76 Answer

icomania answers level 76

Answer: Kenny

Iconmania Level 3 – 77 Answer

icomania answers level 77

Answer: Star Wars

Iconmania Level 3 – 78 Answer

icomania answers level 78

Image: A little lion (the lion from Lion King)
Answer: Simba

Iconmania Level 3 – 79 Answer

icomania answers level 79

Answer: Obama

Iconmania Level 3 – 80 Answer

icomania answers level 80

Image: A strange looking pistol (TV & Movies)
Answer: Men in Black

Iconmania Level 3 – 81 Answer

icomania answers level 81

Answer: Gandalf

Iconmania Level 3 – 82 Answer

icomania answers level 82

Answer: Washington

And with this last word, we’ve completed level 3 in Icomania. Stay tuned with us with more answers, as level 4 is coming soon here at Android Entity!


  1. U never put on all of them loser

  2. I have 1 that’s not on there
    A black car with a red stipe
    Any suggestions??

  3. How many letters has it got Megan

  4. Knight rider!!

  5. Really I need one that’s like a blue white & orange flag, 4 letters

  6. i have a grey statue looking thing & it’s a city 12 letters _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  7. jonette Callahan

    I cant find level 66. It is a movie with 10 letters. S T F P G R M E U O. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  8. My bad i looked @ yours i spelled it wrong thanx

  9. Wow… ^

  10. hdufufhebdhxiis


  11. Orange arrow. Kinda looks like a smile. Brand

  12. Ywmwwxanwuzoaq
    6 letters

  13. Help me ! I have one with a wihte background and an orange stripe please help i stuck for more thank a week

    Letters : L g l m t f z r o p n a a r


  14. brand yellow arrow

    Its amazon :)

  15. Brand white background blue circle-ish thing in the middle letters rpyuekruoshcef thanks

  16. Some kind of bullet, tv & movies

  17. I need help it looks like the front end of a black car tv and movies. 2 words, 1st word 6 letters, 2nd word is 5.

  18. Country an red brige level 3 i need help

  19. Background Blackberry with à Whitaker in it
    Its tv and movie

  20. THE bulletin thing is THE matrix

  21. THE bullet is THE matrix

  22. What’s the one with a red bridge( with the sea and cities in the background) ????

  23. onedirectionlover

    its a sunglasses with a red stipe and its tv and movie

  24. I have one that isn’t on here it is a white circle with grey spirals it says tv & movie my letters are ncoajvdiembtvs it is 9 letters 2 words the e is the 4th letter in the first word

  25. Hey mine is a penguin anfdbthe letters ux by it. And its brand.

  26. It’s a city with 8 letters K u t t j e c l e s a

  27. I need help!! It looks like a red upside down crown it has 5 letters: rrxoalzgfdivse

  28. I need help it looks like a red upside down crown and it’s a brand….!? It’s five letters!

  29. Hey,
    I am stuckt,
    is a sunglass and in the right sidr is a orange/red star, it is tv & movie

    Please help

  30. Hey Jelle, terminator is the answer

  31. so i got the men in black one
    i didn’t get it at first because it’s a gun
    so i used the option to add a letter to the answer
    and this is what it did

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ c_ _

    [letter options]
    R N I E K N B L A C M V Y

    and if you noticed the “c” the game put in the option for me is in the wrong spot…so i can’t spell “MEN IN BLACK”
    i know the gun is the cricket from the movie and all the good stuff.
    i tried everything.
    so what do i do?
    end the game & start all over, or never play the game because it doesn’t like me so i don’t like it?

  32. What is the brand with 4 windows

  33. What is the one with this _-_ _ _ _. it is just a letter ‘a’ tv and movies

  34. It seems to be a statue of this jesus fellow everyone is so frank about. I don’t know where this monument is but i am asking for assistance. :)

  35. rio de janeiro

  36. Really My kind in puzzle 66 is famouse people not characters

  37. Really my kind in puzzle 66 is famouse people not characters :( :( :( :(

  38. Petya Mukareva

    Help!!mine is un blue groun with something that looks like teeth or a big smille with grey and white.. 11 letters
    L i g n e v i o n n d f b m


  39. A green circular thing with a white background? First word 4 letters then second word 8 letter. It’s a brand

  40. a brand with red background and a white big W on top, it has 6 letters, anyone please help! :(

  41. I have one with sunglasses and a small orange star kind of thing reflecting in the glass. Anyone an idea?

  42. Level 3 puzzle 80….blue cloud….brand??? HELP

  43. Finding nemo

  44. Pls pls help its a blu circle with red yellow and green behind it in like a squirl pls gelp

  45. Damien it’s “chrome”

  46. Some of the answers I know them,but some not. :| :/

  47. Do someone play clubpenguin IT’S REAL FUn!

  48. I have one that’s not on here- it’s a movie, and the picture is a box of chocolates.

  49. Is it Forrest Gump

  50. I have one that is an orange back ground with two red arrows, or it may be the other way around. The letters are l q k t d o a x o k. Help please.

  51. What is the or wit the blonde lady with green eyes and she’s holding what looks like a guitar

  52. Taylor swift

  53. I need help with level 65 the one with the smiley face and pictures on a clothes line

  54. whats the 1 with like a red square and a white line on level 3

  55. what is the blue ball with two bumps

  56. What is the one that is a movie, the image is of a box of chocolates.
    Letters : T R R F T M U P X F E H O R P S G U R N
    First letter is F
    the first word has 7 letters and the second has 4

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