Icomania Answers: Level 1 (Iconmania Answers)

Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH is the newest addiction for gamers out there, and I am here as always to help you with the game and share with you the Icomania answers for all levels. Also referred to as Iconmania, answers are the same and I am happy to offer them to you.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Icomania answers for level 1 below, aka Iconmania answers for this great app!

Please note: The order of the images in this level is completely random from person to person, but the images are the same eventually, so just look through all of them and you will find your answer!

Icomania Answers: Level 1-1

icomania answers level 1

Answer: Batman

Icomania Answers: Level 1-2

icomania answers level 2

Answer: Lion King

Icomania Answers: Level 1-3

icomania answers level 3

Answer: Will Smith

Icomania Answers: Level 1-4

icomania answers level 4

Answer: France

Icomania Answers: Level 1-5

icomania answers level 5

Answer: New York

Icomania Answers: Level 1-6

icomania answers level 6

Answer: Elvis

Icomania Answers: Level 1-7

icomania answers level 7

Answer: NEMO

Icomania Answers: Level 1-8

icomania answers level 8

Answer: Facebook

Icomania Answers: Level 1-9

icomania answers level 9

Answer: YouTube

Icomania Answers: Level 1-10

icomania answers level 10

Answer: Italy

Icomania Answers: Level 1-11

icomania answers level 11

Answer: Shrek

And this is it! You have completed the first 11 images of Level 1 in Icomania aka Iconmania and you’re ready for the greater challenge which is Level 2. We’ll be here with the answers soon, so stay tuned with Android Entity for all the answers for the game!

Update: Now we have the Level 2 answers live on the site!

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