Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle for Android

The awesome people at Humble Bundle have teamed up with SEGA to bring us yet another amazing bundle with six games (for now, more coming soon!) for the Android people! SEGA, a well known videogame company are now having their shot at selling as much games as possible for a cheap price as “as low as you want”. This isn´t Humble Bundles first Android bundle. They have already had 6 bundles just for Android and other bundles where Android was supported. If you ask me, they´re doing a great job!

The games are:

  •  Sonic 4 Episode I
  •  ChuChu Rocket!
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge

Pay more than the average of $3.83 (current price, may change as more people buy) to unlock! 

  •  Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
  •  Sonic 4 Episode II
  •  Crazy Taxi
  •  More games coming soon!

More games ARE coming soon! Don´t worry, they usually come after a few days! You should get it right now, because when the other games are added, you´ll get them for free! Get the Humble Sega Mobile Bundle here!

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