Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 now available

The guys at Humble Bundle are being humble again!

Their 12th bundle is now live, including 12 games that can be played at both Android devices and PC. Isn’t that great?

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Pay what you want for VVVVVV, The Inner World, Titan Attacks!, and Tetrobot and Co. Pay more than the average price and get five more: Ironclad Tactics Deluxe Edition, Costume Quest, Eufloria HD, Solar Flux, and Toast Time. If you pay at least $10 you will get all of the above and Shadowrun Returns!

These are some of the finest games on android, so you should buy them, having in mind that all of these games bought seperately would cost up to $194! (P.S, they are also DRM-Free!)

Humble Bundle

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