Help Your Fireball Survive in Fireball SE

Radiangames caught my eyes with a press statement about their first arcade survival game, Fireball SE. I was actually expecting a classic take on the genre, with monsters and cans of beans and the like, but instead got something different: our goal in Fireball SE is to keep a fireball alive. Pretty simple!

Actually, it’s not that easy to keep your fireball alive and you have all sorts of obstacles to overcome in your quest to keep the fire burning: obstacles that you will have to dodge masterfully while at the same time pointing them towards their imminent death.

fireball SE

Before we check out a game trailer, here are some of the features of Fireball SE:

* Use Meltdown mode to slow down the action and escape from certain death.
* In Waves mode, play through 8 consecutive waves of increasing size and speed.
* In Countdown mode, play 5 unique stages of 3 minutes each and try to score as high as you can with massive combos.
* In Survival mode, play 5 more stages where the goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

And here’s a quick gameplay trailer to find out more about the game:

Fireball SE is available over at Google Play for $1.99.

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