Help a Baby Owl Get Out of the Forest in Lost Owl for Android

For fans of platformer games, Lost Owl comes with a nice challenge: rescue a baby owl that was lost in the forest and make sure that you escape all the dangers across the way, while getting as many stars as possible and… well, staying alive.

Using a virtual joystick, you will control the baby owl through the forest and generally jump from platform to platform, gathering stars and escaping enemies. There is one major problem though: you have no idea why you are collecting all those stars, if you actually need them (of course you do!) and how long will it take to escape the forest.

lost owl android

Using huge stages and generally giving you a ton of play time, Lost Owl is not the most complex or charming platformer you will ever come upon, but after you get used to the control scheme and especially if you are a fan of the genre, you will probably spend quite some quality time with the game.

So why not give it a try since it’s all free for download? Head over to Google Play and download Lost Owl.

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